Soundscape 2.88 Plunging into 1998

Plunging into 1988

Plunging into 1998

September 18, 2019

Soundscape returns….at least for the moment. Big changes are afoot in the Soundscape studios. We are going to be closing down the Soundscape podcast, in favor of something new. While the new does not yet have a clear form, the notion I have is to provide a much more in depth discussion of theme and music and expand the discussion part of the podcast. Some may feel that this is not a fix that Soundscape needs. We have been running this podcast very close to 15 years now I believe. That is a long time to do something like this. There is a new thing hoping to be born, but to properly midwife it into this reality (out of the realm of dreams and numinous forms), I will have to put all of my attention on the project. Soundscape has reached its transition day. Carousel will happen later this year and Soundscape will cast off its earthly form and go back to the ethereal realm from which it came. I hope you will all appreciate our new direction. In the meantime, we have not run our course just yet. I believe we still have some episodes in us. We will properly close out Soundscape by continuing our series of yearly reviews, running a few key theme shows, and finally an all out blow out bash to celebrate our run and the people who have been on this adventure with us. To that end, herein is contained the most recent of our podcasts, a romp through some of the music of 1998.

Plunging into 1998

  • Motorpsycho- Psychonaut
  • CS Brown- Soundscape Theme
  • Kansas- Miracles Out of Nowhere
  • Mark Hollis- Inside Looking Out
  • Bela Fleck and the Flecktones- Trane to Conamarra
  • Abraxas- Czakramy
  • Phish- Limb by Limb
  • Symphony X- Through the Looking Glass
  • Chroma Key- Mouse
  • Bruford Levin Upper Extremities- Cracking the Midnight Glass
  • Air- New Star in the Sky
  • Threshold- Goodbye Mother Earth
  • Pain of Salvation- Black Hills
  • Gypsy Kings- Hotel California
  • Marillion- Three Minute Boy
  • Widespread Panic- Porch Song
  • Steve Hackett- Shadow of the Hierophant>Los Endos
  • Rush- Cygnus X-1
  • Phish- Divided Sky
  • Spock’s Beard- The Good Don’t Last
  • Nightwish- Walking in the Air
  • Liquid Tension Experiment- Kindred Spirits
  • Gov’t Mule- Larger than Life
  • Arena- Hanging Tree
  • Page/Plant- Shining in the Light
  • Eloy- Paralysed Civilization
  • Ayreon- Amazing Flight
  • Colin Bass- Goodbye to Albion