After returning from an amazing journey across the pond to the Motherland, we were ripe for a musical trek through the streets and vistas of London. Our expedition was inspiring but tragic, wonderful and woeful, but for you the listener, we offer a tapestry of sounds that may make you either homesick or want to take a trip of your own. There is lots to discover here and I hope that you will enjoy your time as we stroll the streets of England.

This is England

  • Beatles- Strawberry Fields Forever
  • The Tangent- Lost in London

What’s New

  • Grand Tour- Clocks that Tick (But Never Tock)
  • The Mute Gods- Sonic Boom
  • Bjorn Riis- Icarus

Back to London

  • Big Big Train- London Song
  • Genesis- Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
  • Jonathan Wilson- Trafalgar Square
  • It Bites- This is England

Live in London

  • David Gilmour- Castellorizon
  • Steven Wilson- No Part of Me
  • Big Big Train- Victoria Brickwork
  • Porcupine Tree- London

London Life

  • The Who- Blue, Red and Grey
  • John Wesley- Waiting for the Sun
  • Procol Harum- A Souvenir of London
  • Marillion- Easter
  • Marillion- Fugazi
  • David Gilmour- Breakthrough
  • Supertramp- Crime of the Century
  • Orchestra- Over London Skies

More of the new stuff

  • Cosmograf- The Smoke and the Flame
  • Oak- Claire De Lune
  • John Holden- Tears from the Sun
  • The Claypool Lennon Delirium- Amethyst Realm
  • Alan Parsons- Sometimes
  • Rob Cottingham- Find Me


  • The Tangent- Lost in London 25 Years Later
  • The Beatles- Don’t Let Me Down