Soundscape- New Years Resolutions 2020

Happy New Year to all of our Soundscape listeners. We threw some curveballs last year with reduction of shows, and talk of a new project. The fact is, its all in gestation and I am not yet sure what direction things will take. I know as I contemplate the very real possibility of closing down Soundscape- a show that has been running off and on for 16 years, I get wistful and don’t want to let go. I have made incredible lifelong friends through Soundscape, and I have discovered countless songs and albums that have impacted my life. So, as we wait for the new to be born, I make a small commitment to the stalwart listeners who have flow with us so many years- Soundscape will not go away for a while, but you will see a reduction in episodes as a whole. The new project, is still a dream waiting to be born and I have the feeling that it will be worth the gnashing of teeth and anxiety it is causing me.

In the meantime, we have put together a show about musical resolutions. That said, this is not the right show to start your Soundscape voyages. If for some reason this is your first episode, this is not the place to start. On that fateful Sunday the powers of the random universe conspired against us, The show broke into about 15 parts and they are now all stitched back together, but there are gaps that are obvious in the midst of some really great music. So unless you are among the chosen, turn back and find an older episode.

New Years Resolutions 2020 Edition

  • Bjorn Riis- Where Are You Now
  • Van Halen- Right Now (sadly a subpar recording of this epic Van Hagar song)
  • Karmakanic- Turn It Up
  • HFMC- Everything Can Change
  • Pattern-Seeking Animals- No Burden Left to Carry
  • Barock Project- A New Tomorrow
  • Riverside- Discard Your Fear
  • Franck Carducci- Love is the Answer
  • Rush- Hope
  • Julian Lennon- Someday
  • Argent- Hold Your Head Up
  • Porcupine Tree- Sleep Together
  • D Project- Find Your Sun
  • Pink Floyd- On the Turning Away
  • Spock’s Beard- At the End of the Day
  • Marillion- This Strange Engine
  • The Flower Kings- The Truth Will Set You Free
  • Yes- Give Love Each Day
  • The Producers- Waiting for the Right Time
  • Genesis- It’s Gonna Get Better
  • Slut- Hope
  • Dream Theater- Surrounded
  • Big Big Train- Telling the Bees
  • Fleesh- Mission
  • Presto Ballet- Your Alive
  • Robert Plant- I Believe
  • Public Symphony- Touch
  • Toy Matinee- We Always Come Home