The Byrds Eight Miles High 3:34 Fifth Dimension
Count Five Psychotic Reaction 2:57 Psychotic Reaction
The Yardbirds Shapes of Things 2:21 Shapes of Things
The Zodiac Aries – The Fire Fighter 3:06 Cosmic Sounds
Pink Floyd Take Up Thy Stethescope and Walk 3:02 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
The Velvet Underground White Light White Heat 2:43 While Light White Heat
The Beatles It’s All Too Much 6:07 Yellow Submarine
The Rolling Stones 2000 Light Years From Home 4:35 Their Satanic Majesties Request
Dr John Walk on Guilded Splinters 7:29 Gris-Gris
Funkadelic I’ll Bet You 5:57 Funkadelic
King Crimson The Talking Drum 5:30 Lark’s Tongues in Aspic
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 6:47 For Your Pleasure
Miles Davis Tatu (part 2) 6:24 Dark Magus
Edwin Starr Ball of Confusion 12:47 Involved !
CAN Vernal Equinox 8:15 Landed
Neu ! Isi 4:55 Neu ! 75
The Modern Lovers Roadrunner 4:00 The Modern Lovers
Grateful Dead The Other One 8:39 Dick’s Picks Vol 18
Phish Whats The Use 7:36 Live 09-14-99 Boise ID
The Cure Closedown 4:12 Disintigration
Spiritualized Electric Mainline 7:27 Pure Phase
David Lynch + Angelo Badalamenti The Pink Room 6:40 Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me
The Stone Roses I Am the Resurrection 8:05 The Stone Roses
Hawkwind You’d Better Bleive It 7:06 Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Ozric Tentacles Invisible Carpet 5:37 There Is Nothing
Primal Scream Higher Than The Sun 3:25 screamadelica
The Orb Star 6 & 7 8 9 7:52 Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
Air Dirty Trip (live) 4:52 AIReties
Ryley Walker Eight 1105 4:43 Ryley Waljer Patreon
Craven Faults Doubler Stones 10:09 Enclosures
Vincent Carr’s SUMIC Seascape 3:44 Strolling Early Morning
Craven Faults Doubler Stones 10:09 Enclosures
Prana Crafter Descending The Jagged Mountain 4:15 Psych Against Cancer Vol 2 Part I
Minami Deutsch/南ドイツ Tunnel 5:35 With Dim Light
Causa Sui Vibratone 4:58 Szabodelico
Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead Terraforming 2:40 Flux Capacitor
Ryley Walker and Bill McKay The Roundabout 7:18 Pedro Y Lobo presenta
Dohnavùr New Objectivity 2:40 The Flow Across Borders
KORB Megastructure 4:57 The Story So Far…
The Hologram People Sacred Ritual To Unlock The Mountain Portal 3:16 WF 25 – Sacred Ritual To Unlock The Mountain Portal
Tren Go! Sound System & Ornamental Space Race 7:42 Assessment