Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Laurent Thibault Mais on ne peut pas rêver tout le temps Orée Ballon Noir 1978 11:30
Victoire Cathedral City The Diver New Amsterdam 2010 7:11
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra Take Off! Milky Way Fables Alein Transistor 2009 12:38
Stormy Six Cliché Picnic L’Orchestra 1976 4:53
Guapo Five Suns Five Suns – II Cuneiform 2004 10:19
Cluster USA (Live) / First Encounter Tour USA Live 3 (New York City) [Live] Purple Pyramid 1997 7:48
The Work See Eat Woof 1992 5:30
Science Group …A Mere Coincidence.. Chimera ReR 1999 6:15
Älgarnas Trädgård Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden There Is A Time For Everything, There Is A Time When Even Time Will Meet Silence 1972 6:10
Vijay Iyer & Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith A Cosmic Rhythm with Each Stroke All Becomes Alive ECM 2016 9:09
Stormy Six Cliché Tafferuglio 5:46
Neom Arkana Temporis Act I Part 4 Soleil Zeuhl 2009 11:58
Guapo Five Suns Five Suns – III 10:31
Visera Crash Babé Mantreando Self Release 2010 4:22
Zaar Zaar Omk Cuneiform 2006 17:20
Stormy Six Cliché Banchetto E Rissa 5:10
Subtilior Absence Upon A Ground Part II Altrock 2012 6:02
Guapo Five Suns Five Suns – IV 12:57
DZYAN Electric Silence Back To Where We Come From Bacillus 1974 8:59
Ariwo Ariwo Caldera Manana 2017 9:20