Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Mary Halvorson Belladonna Moonburn Nonesuch 2022 8:38
jaimie branch FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise nuevo roquero estéreo International Anthem 2019 8:14
Present Triskaidekaphobie Vous Le Saurez En Temps Voulu Atem 1980 10:35
Caverns Measureless Katabasis Dream of Decay Self Release 2022 2:54
The Muffins Manna / Mirage Monkey With the Golden Eyes Random Radar 1978 4:02
Sarah Kirkland Snider Penelope The Stranger with the Face of a Man I Loved New Amsterdam 2010 5:44
Electric Masada At The Mountains Of Madness Karaim Tzadik 2005 15:16
The Comet Is Coming Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery Summon The Fire Impulse 2019 3:55
Doctor Nerve Skin Little Jonny Stinkypants Cuneiform 1995 6:51
Present Le Poison Qui Rend Fou Le Poison Qui Rend Fou 1 Cuneiform 1985 15:24
Three Trapped Tigers Silent Earthling Strebek Superball 2016 5:44
The Muffins <185> Zoom Resume Random Radar 1981 7:15
Caverns Measureless Katabasis Woken by Wise Ancestors Self Release 2022 3:17
Ahleuchatistas On the Culture Industry Empathievery Angura 2003 6:26
Dan Weiss Starebaby Annica Pi Recordings 2018 9:05
thin pillow thin pillow the library Pillowsounds 2005 7:40
Present Barbaro (Ma Non Troppo) Vertiges Ad Hoc 2009 16:37
Can Soon Over Babaluma Splash United Artists 1974 7:46
The Muffins Bandwidth World Maps Cuneiform 2002 6:09
Ikarus Chronosome Magellan Ronin Rhythm 2016 6:15