Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Accordo dei Contrari Violato Intatto Eros vs Anteros Self Released 2017 10:02
Us, Today Computant Best Unfriends Self Released 2018 6:03
Infinien Light At The Endless Tunnel Light At The Endless Tunnel Self Released 2016 9:17
Mike Keneally & Beer 4 Dolphins Dancing Kedgeree Exowax 2000 7:12
Alec K Redfearn & The Eyesores The Opposite Rend The Veil Cuneiform 2018 6:02
Pixie Ninja Colours Out Of Space Colours Out Of Space Apollon 2020 10:07
CHEER-ACCIDENT Chicago XX I Don’t Believe Complacency 2018 7:38
Aziola Cry The Ironic Divide And Cowards Sensor 2021 9:37
Ut Gret Ancestors’ Tale An Elephant in Berlin Altrock 2014 8:39
Sonar with David Torn Vortex Part 44 RareNoise 2018 9:57
Jon Stickley Trio Maybe Believe Mt. Sandia Swing Self Released 2017 4:23
Lux Terminus The Courage to Be Electrocommunion Self Released 2018 5:07
Luz De Riada Cuentos Y Fábulas Vórtices Musea 2014 5:46
Ephemeral Sun Lord of Hounds Discordance Self Released 2017 9:26
Nektar The Other Side I’m on Fire Esoteric 2020 8:33
ShwizZ Clock Tower Self Released 2021 8:52
Bubblemath Turf Ascension Decrypted Cuneiform 2022 9:57
Eye Vision  And Ageless Light Kill The Slavemaster Lasers Edge 2016 6:05
Eccentric Orbit Creation Of The Humanoids By Air Express To Venus Self Released 2014 9:32