a special edition of the Psych Ward spotlighting German psychedelic musician Sula Bassana, who has been making great music for almost 30 years. includes exclusive previews of three tracks from his forthcoming album Nostalgia.



Sula Bassana Wurmloch 9:58 Nostalgia 2022
Sula Bassana Nostalgia 5:57 Nostalgia 2022
Sula Bassana Real Life 9:09 Nostalgia 2022
Project Gemini The Ritual ’70 4:17 The Children Of Scorpio 2022
The hologram People Theme From The Village Of The Snake God 2:46 Village Of The Snake God 2022
Zone Six Something’s Missing 10:23 Beautiful EP 2022
Sula Bassana Slowner 5:34 …And The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band-Vol.1 2022
La Logia Sarabanda Todos O Ninguno 3:49 DJ Format’s Psych Out 2016
Sergio Ferraresi Time of Machines 2:10 DJ Format’s Psych Out 2016
Electric Moon Electric Moon – Duality 15:30 International Space Station (vol1.) 2022
Farflung Greater Waters 6:50 25000 Feet per Second 2022
CENTRE EL MUUSA Pilot on Board 7:44 Purple Stones 2022
Saturnia Just Let Yourself Go 6:04 Stranded 2021
SULA BASSANA wollschweber 4:40 CV sessions 2021
Astral Magic Seven Planes 7:03 Magical Kingdom 2022
Lureto Gibson 9:07 A Peak From The Crow’s Nest 2022