Post Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour



Bringing you RIO Tracks and other Avant-Guard tracks for you 


Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#35 11-23-22

Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Museo Rosenbach Zarathustra Della Natura Ricordi 1973 8:24
Panzerpappa Pestrottedans Fundal AltRock 2016 6:54
Necro Deathmort Deep Air Didt Self Release 2022 7:23
Emme Phyzema A Series of Related Dreams Eighty-Four Self Release 2020 5:56
M.CHUZI Papara Mammoet Sdban Ultra 2022 8:55
John Greaves, Peter Blegvad & Lisa Herman Kew. Rhone. Nine Mineral Emblems Virgin 1977 5:52
Richard Pinhas & Oren Ambarchi Tikkun Tokyo – T4V2 Cuneiform 2014 13:02
Panzerpappa Pestrottedans Landsbysladder 3 AltRock 2016 8:26
Pelican The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw Last Day of Winter Hydra Head 2005 9:37
Emme Phyzema A Series of Related Dreams Transmission Self Release 2020 7:53
Popol Vuh Aguirre (O.S.T.) Aguirre I (L’acrime Di Rei) PDU 1975 7:23
Sha’s Feckel Feckel for Lovers Crush Ronin Rhythm 2016 7:11
Necro Deathmort Deep Air Halls Self Release 2022 6:03
Masal Viens des quatre vents Paysages du ciel Musea 2014 10:32
M.CHUZI Papara Tahini Miso Sdban Ultra 2022 7:37
Panzerpappa Pestrottedans Goda’ Gomorroah AltRock 2016 6:25
Oort Smog Smeared Pulse Transfers Back Towards Sweatband 2019 3:37
Emme Phyzema A Series of Related Dreams Ode to F’s Self Release 2020 4:37
Mehliana Taming the Dragon You Can’t Go Back Now Nonesuch 2014 5:45
Scherzoo 1 Enilek Soleil Zeuhl 2011 8:26

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep34 11-16-22

Artist Album Track Label Year Time PinioL Bran Coucou Pogne Dur et Doux 2018 7:15 Hawkwind Space Ritual Space Is Deep United Artists 1973 8:13 Tom Skinner Voices of Bishara Bishara International Anthem 2022 5:38 Weidorje Weidorje Vilna Cobra 1978 12:20 Village of the...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#33 11-9-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Philharmonie Nord (North) Unter den Linden Cuneiform 1994 10:14 Xing Sa Création De L'univers Eau 1 Soleil Zeuhl 2010 7:57 Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant Sèances Restore All Things Pyroclastic 2022 6:53 Led Bib The People in Your...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#32 11-2-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Abus Dangereux Le Quatrième Mouvement Ballade Courte AJ Records 1980 9:14 Upsilon Acrux Galapagos Momentum Who's Running Shit (son of destiny's child) Cuneiform 2007 5:23 SOT Monster Master Monster Master Sotanic Sounds 2022 13:30...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#31 10-26-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Shub Niggurath Les Morts Vont Vite Yog sothoth Musea 1986 12:28 This Heat Deceit Paper Hats Rough Trade 1981 6:03 Titan To Tachyons Vonals Blue Thought Particles Tdzadik 2022 8:14 Mr. Bungle California Sweet Charity Warner Bros 1999...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#30 10-19-22

Artist Album Track Label Year Time V-Ortex Vortex Ahsquoumboum JBP 1975 6:56 Comus First Utterance Diana Dawn 1971 4:36 Build Place Swelter 1 New Amsterdam 2011 6:27 Simon Steensland A Farewell To Brains One AltRock 2015 13:04 L'Ensemble Rayé Même en Hiver/Comme un...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#29 10-12-22

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Panzerpappa Pestrottedans Pestrottedans Altrock 2016 7:05 Far Corner Risk Past Deeds, Present Treacheries Cuneiform 2018 7:53 Collocutor Instead Archaic Morning On The Corner 2014 7:51 Hamster Theatre Carnival Detournement Les Funfs...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#28 10-5-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Korekyojinn Tundra Swan Dive Magaibutsu 2011 8:15 Alec K Redfearn & The Eyesores Sister Death Hashishin Cuneiform 2012 7:51 Mammal Hands Animalia Tiny Crumb Gondwana 2014 7:47 Knifeworld The Unravelling Don't Land On Me Inside...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep27 9-28-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Matthew Halsall Fletcher Moss Park The Sun In September Gondwana 2012 7:51 Vezhlivy Otkaz Geese And Swans Translation Zenith 2010 7:58 The Comet Is Coming Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam ANGEL OF DARKNESS Impulse 2022 6:58 X-Legged...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#26 9-21-2022

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Kouma AibohphobiA Aller Dur et Doux 2019 13:37 Eskaton 4 Visions Attente Eurock 1981 10:09 Three Trapped Tigers Route One or Die Magne Blood & Biscuits 2011 6:52 Secret Chiefs 3 Book Of Horizons The End Times Web Of Mimicry 2004...