Metal Mischief

While the coin of the realm on this show is progressive metal, it wouldn’t be mischief without a little “breakin the law”! So expect various subgenres of metal that are adjacent (or maybe not so adjacent) to prog, including power, symphonic, doom/stoner, gothic, and others. DJ Scott Loki is known to shapeshift at a moment’s notice, so put your metal horns up, and prepare for an impishly delightful two-hour ride into a metal maelstrom.

It’s the ladies’ turn! Join me, DJ Scott Loki, for two hours of fiery females rocking out in a broad variety of genres on this week’s Metal Mischief🤘

Back to the basics this week: power and prog metal, but definitely a surprise to keep you on your toes in the second hour!

Join DJ Scott Loki on Metal Mischief for an alchemical mix of stoner metal with lots of adjacent genres: doom, sludge, psychedelic, fuzz, black, and post-rock (OF COURSE with progressive as an underlying base)!

This week I reverse my trend of avoiding “the new stuff” and will feature one hour of all 2023 releases and the next hour of songs since 2009. Artists include Rhapsody of Fire, Winterstorm, Frost*, and Redemption.

For the US Memorial Day holiday: I gather two hours of songs about warfare, including classics (Iron Maiden, Metallica…) and modern tracks (Sabaton, Seventh Wonder…).

A variety of metal genres this week, including “black metal” (not the kind you’re thinking), stoner rock, and some great metal cover versions of 80s classics.

ARTIST TRACK DURATION ALBUM YEAR DJ Scott Loki Metal Mischief Intro 0:48 Lacuna Coil Heaven's a Lie 4:43 Comalies 2002 Break 1 2:04 Amberian Dawn Cold Kiss 3:26 Circus Black 2012 Within Temptation Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) 4:34 The Silent Force 2004 The Sins Of Thy...

ARTIST TRACK DURATION ALBUM YEAR DJ Scott Loki Metal Mischief Intro 0:48 Shadow Gallery Crystalline Dream 5:44 Carved in Stone 1995 Break 1 3:10 Enchant At Death's Door 3:09 A Blueprint of the World {Special Edition remastered} 1994 Altura Alternate Lines 6:01 Mercy...