Metal Mischief

While the coin of the realm on this show is progressive metal, it wouldn’t be mischief without a little “breakin the law”! So expect various subgenres of metal that are adjacent (or maybe not so adjacent) to prog, including power, symphonic, doom/stoner, gothic, and others. DJ Scott Loki is known to shapeshift at a moment’s notice, so put your metal horns up, and prepare for an impishly delightful two-hour ride into a metal maelstrom.

This week: Loki goes to the orchestra🎻🎼Put on your black leather and tails, and join me for metallic music merged with sweet symphonies🤘😎

“Time slip to the present, Loki!”🙏You got it👍Contemporary songs in the prog metal and NWOTHM* veins on this week’s show 🤘😎
*New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal

DJ Loki “apologizes” to the 90s for ignoring them! This week, progressive, instrumental, industrial, alt-grunge, and other metal genres from the Post-Cold War decade🤘😎

Singers appreciation week! DJ Loki is highlighting four of his favorite vocalists: Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Glenn Hughes, and Ian Gillan. Come and check out these Ritchie Blackmore henchmen in various rockin’ settings🤘😎

Once again, it’s the ladies’ turn! This week, I’m highlighting women artists in the realms of hard and heavy music, so prepare to get rocked by fiery female energy🔥🤘😎

Hometown pride on Metal Mischief: my Tampa metal brother Ed Aborn of Siren curates a long set, with the rest of the show dedicated to Bay Area metal bands! Preparing for Siren’s gig with Jason Stallworth Music, Oblivion Tampa, and Seasons Of The Wolf 🤘😎 Saturday the 17th Vic Vega Presents The Florida Metal Show at the Brass Mug.

DJ Loki has barely kept up with all the prog metal releases over the last year, so this week’s show is packed with ’em! Come for the metal, stay for the mischief! 🤘😎