Post Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour



Bringing you RIO Tracks and other Avant-Guard tracks for you 


Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#105 5-20-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Hawkwind Hall Of The Mountain Grill You’d Better Believe It United Artists 1974 7:14
The Book of Knots Traineater Traineater Anti 2007 5:04
The Holy Family Live Burning, Burning Live Inner Edge Of Outer Mind (Live) Rocket Recordings 2024 8:42
Anna Webber Clockwise Kore I Pi 2019 6:24
ZIO CROCIFISSO Campana di Legno Lievito Madre (PT. I-V) Self Release 2024 13:16
Zombi Direct Inject Direct Inject Relapse 2024 5:53
John Ghost Airships Are Organisms Deconstructing Hymns Sdban Ultra 2019 13:10
One Leg One Eye …. And Take The Black Worm With Me Only the Diceys Nyahh 2022 6:00
Luz de Riada Rizoma Entropía 2024 5:20
Hatfield And The North Hatfield And The North Son Of ‘There’s No Place Like Homerton’ Virgin 1974 10:11
The Book of Knots Traineater The Ballad of John Henry Anti 2007 4:29
The Holy Family Live Burning, Burning Live Inward Turning Suns (Live) Rocket Recordings 2024 7:04
Anna Webber Clockwise King of Denmark I / Loper Pi 2019 10:15
ZIO CROCIFISSO Campana di Legno Metaxu Self Release 2024 4:44
Roy Harper Stormcock Me And My Woman Harvest 1971 13:04
Spinifex Amphibian Ardour Dhamal Qalandar Try Tone 2017 7:04
Sean Ono Lennon Asterisms Starwater Tzadik 2024 7:59
Void Patrol Void Patrol Acrux Infrequent Seams 2022 8:46
The Heartwood Institute Unburied Bane Unburied Bane Self Release 2023 4:43
The Book of Knots Traineater Salina Anti 2007 5:10
Estrada Orchestra Jazzbeatjäätis Envelope Stereophonk 2017 10:37
Anna Webber Clockwise Idiom II Pi 2019 8:38

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#104 5-13-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time WorldService Project Serve False Prophets Rare Noise 2018 8:24 Cassiber Beauty And The Beast Ach, Heile Mich ReR Megacorp 1984 6:36 Rhùn Tozzos Xïem (où les troubadours nus mitraillent les babouins morveux) Baboon Fish 2024 13:07...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#103 4-29-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time The Mercury Tree Self Similar Similar Self Self Release 2023 5:44 The Motor Totemist Guild City Of Mirrors Tower Of London Cuneiform 1999 2:59 Monkey3 Welcome To The Machine Kali Yuga Napalm 2024 10:02 TRACTEUR Tracteur Tartare de...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep102 4-22-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Aquaserge laisse ça être L'ire est au rendez-vous Almost Musique 2017 5:40 Valentin Ceccaldi, Théo Ceccaldi CONSTANTINE Sigognac Full Rhizome 2020 5:06 Carla Diratz & the Archers of Sorrow Blue Stitches Places I've Been Discus...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#101 4-15-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Jambinai a Hermitage The Mountain Bell Union 2016 6:58 Jeremy Flower The Real Me Take Self Release 2016 5:03 Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska Navegando al Paraiso First Breath of Paradise Up In Her Room 2024 5:50 Gutbucket Sludge Test...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#100 4-8-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Graham Costello STRATA (EP) _'59 Self Release 2016 8:07 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Last Human Being Old Grey Heron Avant Night 2024 7:24 Ben Monder Hydra Aplysia Sunnyside 2013 8:47 Present This Is NOT The End This Is NOT The End Part...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#99 4-1-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Zoe Keating Snowmelt (EP) Forte Self Release 2018 4:57 Mary Halvorson Cloudward Ultramarine Nonesuch 2024 8:17 Nik Bärtsch's Ronin Awase Modul 34 ECM 2018 8:51 FRED FRITH TRIO Road Sinking In Intakt 2021 7:41 Trevor Dunn's Trio...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#98 3-18-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Setna Cycle 1 Connaître Soleil Zeuhl 2007 8:13 X-Legged Sally The Land Of The Giant Dwarfs Fes II Knitting Factory 1995 4:56 Panzerpappa & Rannveig Djønne Skjeringspunkt Revidert Malist Self Release 2024 9:27 Dan Weiss Starebaby...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#97 3-13-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Møster! States Of Minds Unhorsed by Chivalry Hubro 2018 9:37 Dün Eros (2012) L'épice Self Release / Soleil Zeuhl 1981 9:29 Antistatic Relics Loading... Cuneiform 2024 4:57 Doctor Nerve Out to Bomb Fresh Kings Mink Shadows Punos /...

Post-Avant Jazzcore Happy Hour Ep#96 3-4-2024

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Frank Zappa The Grand Wazoo Eat That Question Reprise 1972 6:43 Henry Cow Leg End Teenbeat Virgin 1973 6:48 Samla Mammas Manna Maltid Dundrets fröjder Silence 1973 10:47 Univers Zero Ceux du Dehors La Corne du Bois des Pendus Atem...