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Progrock for Requesters is a request show for all those prog lovers out there. If you want your favorite song heard this is your show! Playing requests Year by Year!





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Progrock for Requesters 35: DEEP to DIST

Artist Song Time Album Year
Deep Purple The Power of the Moon 4:08 Whoosh! 2020
Deerhoof Cast Off Crown 2:47 Friend Opportunity 2007
Delirium Lágrimas 5:14 Delirium (Primer Dialogo) 1985
Delta Schizophrenia 3:50 Apollyon is Free 2004
Delusion Squared Under Control 5:15 Anthropocene 2018
Sandy Denny Next Time Around 4:13 The NorthStar Grassman and the Ravens 1971
Sandy Denny The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood 4:19 Sandy 1972
Deodato Also Sprach Zarathustra 8:56 Prelude 1972
Depeche Mode Pimpf 4:53 Music For The Masses 1987
Derek And The Dominos Layla 6:54 Layla And Other Assorted Love 1970
Devin Townsend Project True North 3:53 Epicloud (Deluxe Edition) (CD 1) 2012
Deyss After And After 7:07 At King 1985
Dennis DeYoung The Isle of Misanthrope 6:01 26 East, Vol. 2 2021
DGM Repay 4:17 Momentum 2013
Al Di Meola Electric Rendezvous 7:40 Electric Rendezvous (1990 Reissue) 1982
Dies Irae Red Lebanese 5:08 First 1971
Different Light All for You 4:04 The Burden of Paradise 2016
Dikajee Gloomy Flowers Blooming (feat. Fiona Rüggeberg) 8:08 Forget-Me-Nots 2021
Dilemma The Space Between The Waves 4:29 Random Acts of Liberation 2018
Dim Gray The Wave We Thought We’d Ride Forever 4:28 Flown 2020
Dir En Grey Macabre – Sanagi No Yume Wa Ageha No Hane 10:30 Macabre 2000
Dire Straits One World 3:21 Brothers In Arms 1985
Dire Straits Going Home – Theme From ‘Local Hero’ 5:56 Alchemy: Dire Straits Live [Disc 2] 1984
Dire Wolves Crack in the Cosmic Axis 7:44 Grow Towards The Light 2019
Dirt Poor Robins Take Him Away 4:58 The Raven Locks, Act 3 2017
Discipline Before the Storm 15:34 Unfolded Like Staircase (2020 Terry Brown) 1997
Discipline. Systems 7:17 Push and Profit 1993
Discipline. Circuitry 6:16 To Shatter All Accord 2011
District 97 Open Your Eyes 4:19 Trouble With Machines 2012

Progrock for Requesters 34: DARK to DEEP

Artist Song Time Album Year The Dark Monarchy Bed Of Posers 6:05 The Dark Monarchy 2020 The Darkness I Believe In A Thing Called Love 3:49 Permission To Land 2003 Darkwater Alive (Pt. II) 7:13 Human 2019 DarWin A Frozen War 7:30 Darwin 2: A Frozen War 2020 Darwin's...

Progrock for Requesters 32: Judy’s Road Trip

Artist Song Time Album Year Deep Purple HighwayStar 7:03 Made In Japan 1972 Judas Priest Heading Out to the Highway 3:44 Point of Entry 1981 Rush Red Barchetta 5:56 Moving Pictures (2011 Remaster) 1981 Sammy Hagar TransAM 3:58 Street Machine 1979 The Guess Who Road...

Progrock for Requesters 33: Road Trip Companion Show

Artist Song Time Album Year Rush Driven 4:25 Test for Echo 1996 Golden Earring Radar Love 6:20 Moontan 1973 Frank Marino &Mahogany Rush Crossroads 3:53 RealLIVE! CD1 2004 Doors Roadhouse Blues 4:01 Morrison Hotel 1970 Lynyrd Skynyrd Call Me The Breeze 5:06 Second...

Progrock for Requesters 31: CRES to DARK

Artist Song Time Album Year Crescent Of The Moon Black Vinyl Dreams 4:33 The Lidless Room 2015 Cressida Summer Weekend Of A Lifetime 3:14 Asylum 1971 Michael Crimson The Maiden 3:35 Medusa 2017 Crimson Glory Azrael 5:34 Crimson Glory 1986 Crippled Black Phoenix Of A...

Progrock for Requesters 30: COLD to CREED

Artist Song Time Album Year Coldplay Moses [Live] 5:29 Live 2003 2003 Colesseum II Put It This Way 4:51 Electric Savage 1977 Colesseum II War Dance 5:51 War Dance 1977 Colesseum II The Inquisition 5:45 War Dance 1977 Colosseum The Valentyne Suite: The Grass Is Always...

Progrock for Requesters 29: Requests Live and New Music

Artist Song Time Album Year Eloy Mutiny 9:47 Live (2004 Remaster) 1978 Checking For Echo In The End 5:55 Checking For Echo Project 2021 Kaipa Electric Leaves 4:12 Mindrevolutions 2005 Sylvan Questions 6:59 Posthumous Silence 2006 Sylvan Answer to Life 5:57 Posthumous...

Progrock for Requesters 28: CHE to COH

Artist Song Time Album Year Checking For Echo Project Saline 6:49 Life & Other Short Stories: Vol 1 2020 The Cheebacabra A Casual Encounter 2:47 A Casual Encounter 2012 Cheeto's Magazine Scum 4:43 Amazingous 2019 Cheeto's Magazine Volcano Burger 4:48 Boiling Fowls...

Progrock for Requesters 27: CAMEL to CHEAP

Artist Song Time Album Year Camel Nimrodel / The Procession / The White Rider 9:07 Mirage 1974 Camelias Garden We All Stand In Our Broken Jars 5:20 You Have A Chance 2013 CHRIS CAMERON Relentless 13:51 Relentless EP 2019 Can Aspectacle 5:35 Can (Inner Space) 1978...

Progrock for Requesters 26: Live Request Show

Artist Song Time Album Year Steve Hackett Natalia 6:19 Surrender of Silence 2021 Rush The Enemy Within 4:39 Grace Under Pressure (2011 Remaster) 1984 The Flower Kings End On A High Note 10:25 Paradox Hotel (1) 2006 PORCUPINE TREE BUYING NEW SOUL (HD) 7:17 LIve at Park...