The slightly left field little corner of, 100 minutes of psychedelic music from around the globe.

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The Psych Ward edition 155, featuring the world debut of the new Vincent Carr’s SUMIC album and much more

The Teardrop Phase Hell Razor 4:15 2023
Vincent Carr’s SUMIC Forget, Forget 19:19 Jupiter Wrens – Fantasias 2023
Amon Duul II Utopia No.1 3:52 Utopia 1973
Mike Oldfield Excerpt from Platinum Part 4 – ‘North Star’ 4:40 Platinum 1979
Ten Years After 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain 6:59 Cricklewood Green 1970
Mike Westbrook Outgoing Song 5:00 Citadel / Room 315 1975
Vincent Carr’s SUMIC Mammon 18:52 Jupiter Wrens – Fantasias 2023
La Era de Acuario Om Ganesh 5:48 La Era de Acuario – 2021
Brown Spirits Converge Collide 7:14 Vol 3 2020
GROOP Toffee Walk 11:36 GROOP 2022
SATURNIA Chrysalis 4:44 the glitter odd 1995
K Lihn Red Fire Sunset 4:30 K 2023
Black Helium The Keys To Red Skeleton’s House (Open The Door) 15:35 UM 2022

The Aquarium edition 59 – two hours of live Phish

Trey Anastasio Night Speaks To A Woman (LP Version) 22:49 Plasma Phish Sparkle 3:47 Live At Madison Square Garden New Year's Eve 1995 Phish Chalk Dust Torture 7:31 Live At Madison Square Garden New Year's Eve 1995 Phish Down With Disease 18:48 2009/12/03 New York, NY...

The Psych Ward edition 153. 120 minutes of cosmic music

Astral Magic Web of Electricity 4:10 The Mental Universe 2022 Hieronymus Dream The Island Of Lotus Eaters 7:32 Nostos 2021 Sproingg High up on Mushroom Hill 8:32 Hirnkäse 2023 Arcane Allies Akut A 6:06 Kombynat Robotron Split 2022 El Universo Red Moon 7:13 Live...

The Aquarium edition 58. 2 hours of live Phish

Trey Anastasio Band First Tube 11:19 Plasma Phish Wilson 4:42 10/31/95, Rosemont Horizon Phish Ya Mar 8:16 10/31/95, Rosemont Horizon Phish Sparkle 3:46 10/31/95, Rosemont Horizon, Phish Free 9:13 10/31/95, Rosemont Horizon, Phish No Quarter 10:01 2011/06/01 II...

The Psych Ward Edition 151 – Avant Acid Takeover by Ian 5-9-2023

Artist Album Track Label Year Time Kalutaliksuak Snow Melts Black ...On the morrow and the next day RAIG 2011 9:58 Faun Fables Light of a Vaster Dark Housekeeper Drag City 2010 6:05 The Future Kings Of England Who Is This Who Is Coming? A Face Of Crumpled Linen...