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Prog-Scure Special: One Half Is Better Than None #10

Another special & extended episode where I break from routine and feature music from artists both Prog-Scure and famous. In each episode of this series, I’m playing one half (one full side) of outstanding and influential albums throughout rock ‘n’ roll history, regardless of sub-genre. In this episode, hear diverse artists including Caravan, East Of Eden, Gentle Giant, Heart, Joe Lynn Turner, Nine Days Wonder, Phylter, The Rolling Stones, Steppenwolf, and Zon.

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Recent Episodes

Check It Out hosted by DJ Peter Prog Friday 14 January 2022

Playlist for this show :- 1 Who Are The Heroes ? .. Amanda Lehmann ( Innocence & Illusion 2021 ) 2 Tokyo .. Johnny Bob ( Creatures Of Light & Darkness 2022 )( Album Of The Week ) 3 Zen Comic Show .. Johnny Bob ( Creatures Of Light & Darkness 2022 )( Album...

Progrock for Requesters 51: Glass To Grand

Start Artist Songs on a Devils Servant Time Album Year Glass Wake For Owsley 5:21 Palindrome 2014 0:05:37 Glass Hammer Crowbone 7:14 Ode to Echo 2014 0:14:25 Glass Hammer Steel 7:24 Skallagrim: Into The Breach 2021 0:21:49 Glass Kites In The Night 4:18 Glass Kites II...

Prog-Scure: Show #236, January 12, 2022

Featuring music from American Tears, Ark (UK), Blackfeather, Cardeilhac, Crow, Demian, Dull Knife, Estes Brothers, Fractal Mirror, Hypnotheticall, Lionheart, Malcolm Smith, Oceans Of Slumber, Rainbow, Theocracy, Thundermother, and The Yellow Box, plus "Spotlight Sets"...

Meet The Hosts

Bob Prigmore

I have listened to progressive rock since the early 1970s. My favourite all time artists include Camel and Jethro Tull who I both first listened to almost and more than 50 years ago. My first memory of Jethro Tull is listening to Living in the Past. Other than Camel...

Chuck Simons

Chuck Simons

Chuck Simons grew up in the 70s with mostly classic rock and the big 4, YES, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Rush. I had no idea of all the other Prog music going on at the time. Got married in the 80s and focused on family at the same time prog rock was going through a...

Richard Reyes

Richard Reyes

<strong>"Purveyor of the Best of Prog, with a passionate enthusiasm (leaning towards the obsessive) from around the world"</strong> Never afraid to dig into the archives and scour the world for Progressive Rock. Richard spends a big part of his retired...

Mark Burnell

Mark Burnell

Mark B, proud English-American (there's a parade every year but it's a secret), even prouder New Yorker. Cat lover and open-eared music obsessive. Refuses to recognize genres. "there's only two types of music - music you like and music you do not. "

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