Metal Mischief

While the coin of the realm on this show is progressive metal, it wouldn’t be mischief without a little “breakin the law”! So expect various subgenres of metal that are adjacent (or maybe not so adjacent) to prog, including power, symphonic, doom/stoner, gothic, and others. DJ Scott Loki is known to shapeshift at a moment’s notice, so put your metal horns up, and prepare for an impishly delightful two-hour ride into a metal maelstrom.

Another “all new releases show” this week, with guest artists Destini Beard world radio premiere of her new single) and Charlie Bramald of Age Of Distraction joining us in the Discord chat. Metal mayhem abounds on this week’s Metal Mischief!🤘😎

What’s new in metal? Find out both this 𝑎𝑛𝑑 next week on two “all new releases” episodes of Metal Mischief, hosted by DJ Scott Loki!🤘😎

Journey with me across the Pacific to the Land of the Rising Sun for two hours of metal, Nippon style! Japanese metal of all types will rule the show with your host, DJ Scott Loki 🤘 😎 🎌

Come travel back in time with DJ Scott Loki! This week, it’s off to the cradle of metal (1970-80) as we explore the genre’s origins✌️😎

On this Metal Mischief, get ready to experience the powerful side of melodic rock and AOR, with tunes to rock arenas from the past four decades. Let the muscular musical mischief begin!💪😎

Back from vacation! Put on your boogie shoes, and join DJ Scott Loki for a Metal Mischief show featuring funky metal for the first hour! 🤘😎

Join DJ Scott Loki on for a special all-covers show! Your favorite songs from the past across many styles get fuel-injected metal treatments this week 🤘😎

Join me, DJ Scott Loki, for a metal trip into the future and beyond the stars, as I highlight songs with science fiction themes on this week’s Metal Mischief🤘

It’s the ladies’ turn! Join me, DJ Scott Loki, for two hours of fiery females rocking out in a broad variety of genres on this week’s Metal Mischief🤘