Metal Mischief

While the coin of the realm on this show is progressive metal, it wouldn’t be mischief without a little “breakin the law”! So expect various subgenres of metal that are adjacent (or maybe not so adjacent) to prog, including power, symphonic, doom/stoner, gothic, and others. DJ Scott Loki is known to shapeshift at a moment’s notice, so put your metal horns up, and prepare for an impishly delightful two-hour ride into a metal maelstrom.

In honor of Loki’s ability to “time slip” (see the Disney+ series for details!), this week’s show will be classic groups paired with modern ones with a similar sound: originator/innovator style! Get ready for something old and something new with DJ Scott Loki🤘😎

This week on Metal Mischief: all things metal AND electronic, including metalwave, darksynth, industrial, and other genres you’ve never heard of! Join DJ Scott Loki at the intersection of metal and technology 🤘🤖

Halloween approaches! 👻🧟‍♀️🧛‍♂️😱Join your trickster DJ Scott Loki during Trick or Treat season, with lots of classic metal tunes as a soundtrack to the hauntings 🤘🎃

Get ready for the first of two Halloween Metal Mischief shows with DJ Scott Loki 🤘🎃 This week will focus on goth and symphonic metal and will feature a set curated by my favorite Perky Goth, Destini Beard 😎

ARTIST TRACK LENGTH ALBUM YEAR Natalie Holt TVA Title Card 0:44 Loki: Vol. 1 (Episodes 1-3) [Original Soundtrack] 2021 DJ Scott Loki Metal Mischief Intro 0:48 Wind Rose There and Back Again 6:15 Wintersaga 2019 Break 1 1:33 Blind Guardian A Dark Passage (Remastered...

On this week’s Metal Mischief: a long set co-curated with my Tampa metal brother Hal Dunn of Siren, along with a special set dedicated to Tampa metal bands! Come for the metal, stay for the mischief 🤘😎

Another “all new releases show” this week, with guest artists Destini Beard world radio premiere of her new single) and Charlie Bramald of Age Of Distraction joining us in the Discord chat. Metal mayhem abounds on this week’s Metal Mischief!🤘😎