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Progrock for Requesters is a request show for all those prog lovers out there. If you want your favorite song heard this is your show! Playing requests Year by Year!





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Progrock for Requesters 73: La Bocca to Lang

Artist Song Time Album Year
La Bocca Della Verita Avenoth 8:13 Avenoth 2016
La Dusseldorf Dusseldorf 13:12 La Dusseldorf (Vinyl) 1976
La Dusseldorf Silver Cloud 7:53 La Dusseldorf (Vinyl) 1976
La Maschera Di Cera Il Cerchio Del Comando 9:53 S.E.I. 2020
La Maschera Di Cera La guerra dei mille anni 4:30 Le porte del domani 2013
La Maschera Di Cera Ritorno dal nulla 8:32 Le porte del domani 2013
James LaBrie Am I Right 5:48 Beautiful Shade Of Grey 2022
Labyrinth Falling Rain 6:12 Return To Heaven Denied 1998
Lacuna Coil I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name) 3:53 Broken Crown Halo 2014
Lagartija Myths 4:57 Particelle 2011
Lake The Final Curtain 4:57 On The Run 1982
Greg Lake Slave To Love 3:09 Manoeuvres 1983
Lake Of Tears To Blossom Blue 8:06 Forever Autumn 1999
Lalu The Chosen Ones 7:17 Paint the Sky 2022
Lakiko The Train Ride 5:22 Pantheism 1994
Laleh Vatten 2:58 Vatten 2022
Landmarq Lighthouse 10:48 Origins 2014
Landmarq Glowing – Part II – Lovers 8:03 Entertaining Angels 2012
Landmarq Entertaining Angels 8:27 Entertaining Angels 2012
Landmarq Turbulence – Paradigm Shift 12:19 Entertaining Angels 2012
Lands End My Home 10:29 Natural Selection 1997
Lana Lane Remember Me 5:11 Neptune Blue 2022
Lana Lane Dont Disturb the Occupants 3:05 Neptune Blue 2022
Yogi Lang Freedom Of The Day 3:59 A Way Out Of Here 2019

Progrock for Requesters 64: Johnny to Justine

Artist Song Time Album Year Johnny Bob Shadowland 6:23 Egbert`s Barber Shop 2020 Eric Johnson Battle We Have Won 5:43 Venus Isle 1996 Jon & Vangelis The Mayflower 5:57 The Friends Of Mr. Cairo (Vinyl) 1981 Jon and Vangelis I' ll Find My Way Home 4:23 The Friends...

Progrock for Requesters 62: Jargon to John

Artist Song Time Album Year Jargon The Last Temptation 7:09 The Fading Thought 2020 Jean Michel Jarre Last Rendez-Vous 6:01 Rendez - Vous 1986 Jazz Is Dead Blues For Allah 3:20 Great Sky River 2001 JDA The Dream 4:25 A Fine Time 2001 Jeavestone Factory 3:28 1+1=OK...

Progrock for Requesters 61: It Bites to Jargon

Artist Song Time Album Year It Bites Wallflower 4:49 Map Of The Past 2012 IVORY TOWER End Transmission 5:21 Stronger 2019 IZZ Star Evil Gnoma Su 8:37 I Move 2002 IZZ Age of Stars 8:49 Don't Panic 2019 IZZ 23 Minutes of Tragedy 6:40 The Darkened Room 2009 IZZ Into the...

Progrock for Requesters 60: Introitus to It Bites

Start Artist Song Time Album Year Introitus Beyond Fantasy 9:19 Shadows 2019 0:07:54 Introitus Child 5:51 Fantasy 2007 0:15:22 InVertigo Vertigo 7:23 Next Stop Vertigo 2010 0:22:46 Invisible Nino Condenado 7:02 El Jardin De Los Presentes 1976 0:29:48 INXS By My Side...

Progrock for Requesters 59: Imagery to Introitus

Start Artist Song Time Album Year Imagery Imagery 5:56 The Inner Journey 2012 0:08:07 In Continuum Hands Of Time 11:10 Acceleration Theory 2019 0:19:17 In Govan Ring Set a Candle in the Night 4:11 The Serpent and the Dove 2021 0:23:29 In Spe Sümfoonia Seitsmele...

Progrock for Requesters 58: ICE to ILLUVATAR

Start Artist Song Time Album Year Ice Age Spare Chicken Parts (Instrumental) 8:49 The Great Divide 1999 0:10:58 Iceberg La Flamenca Electrica 5:51 Coses Nostres 1976 0:16:49 Ichthyander Dads Only Dolphin Biometry 4:46 ONE MUSIC FEST 2015 0:21:35 THE ICICLE WORKS...

Progrock for Requesters 57: Pirate Radio Live Requests 1974

Start Artist Song Time Album Year Renaissance I Think Of You 2:58 Turn Of The Cards 1974 0:04:05 Genesis In the Cage 8:08 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 1974 0:12:13 Be Bop Deluxe Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape 3:18 Axe Victom 1974 0:16:06 Gong A P.H.P.'s Advice...

Progrock for Requesters 56: Hollow to Ibis

Start Artist Song Time Album Year The Hollow Moon Falling Away 3:58 The Hollow Moon 2018 0:07:01 Holon The Belly Of Being 9:29 The Time Is Always Now 2016 0:16:30 The Home Guard Life Goes On 10:35 Nature Versus Nurture Versus Nietzsche 2015 0:27:05 Homunculus Res La...