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Pete Pardo’s Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten Lists. You can use this podcast as a companion piece to this top ten lists found on Youtube. New Artists Every Week!





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Sea of Tranquility’s Ranking the Studio Albums: The Flower Kings

Album Artist Song Time Year
Waiting for Miracles The Flower Kings Miracles for America 9:51 2019
Islands The Flower Kings Broken 6:23 2020
Space Revolver The Flower Kings A Kings Prayer 6:01 2000
Desolation Rose The Flower Kings Dark Fascist Skies 5:56 2013
Banks Of Eden The Flower Kings For The Love Of Gold 7:26 2012
FlowerPower (2) The Flower Kings Corruption 5:53 1999
Back In The World Of Adventures The Flower Kings My Cosmic Lover 6:32 1995
Adam & Eve The Flower Kings Cosmic Circus 3:12 2004
Unfold the Future (2) The Flower Kings Genie In A Bottle 8:08 2002
Paradox Hotel (2) The Flower Kings Life Will Kill You 6:58 2006
The Sum Of No Evil The Flower Kings One More Time 12:44 2007
The Rainmaker The Flower Kings Last Minute on Earth 11:50 2001
Stardust We Are (1) The Flower Kings Church of Your Heart 9:10 1997
Retropolis The Flower Kings There is More to this World 10:04 1996

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: SAGA

Artist Song Time Album Year Number10 Saga Perfectionist 5:36 Saga 1978 Number9 Saga Humble Stance 5:50 Saga 1978 Number8 Saga Cat Walk 4:01 Heads Or Tales 1983 Number7 Saga Don't Be Late (Chapter 2) 6:10 Silent Knight 1980 Number6 Saga Mouse In A Maze 5:36 Images At...

Sea of Tranquilities Top Ten: Chicago

Artist Songs Time Album Year Number10 Chicago (I've Been) Searchin' So Long 4:28 Chicago VII 1974 Number9 Chicago Feelin' Stronger Every Day (Remastered) 4:15 Chicago VI 2002 Number8 Chicago Beginnings 7:41 Chicago Transit Authority 1969 Number7 Chicago Ballet for A...

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: Queen

Artist Song Time Album Year Number10 Queen Ogre Battle 3:56 Queen II 1974 Number9 Queen Love Of My Life 3:38 A Night At The Opera 1975 Number8 Queen The Millionaire Waltz 4:52 A Day At The Races 1976 Number7 Queen Dragon Attack 4:18 The Game 1980 Number6 Queen Fat...

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: Utopia

Artist Song Time Album Year Number10 Utopia One World 3:14 Swing to the Right 1982 Number10Tie Utopia Another Life-From IKON 7:01 Live at the Chicago Theatre 2019 Number9 Utopia Love is the Answer 3:59 Oops! Wrong Planet 1977 Number8 Utopia Sunburst Finish 6:59 RA...

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: Marillion

Artist Album Time Album Year Number10 Marillion Afraid of Sunlight 6:38 Afraid Of Sunlight 1995 Number9 Marillion Assassing 7:01 Fugazi 1984 Number8 Marillion Incommunicado 4:55 Clutching at Straws 1987 Number7 Marillion Easter 5:43 Seasons End 1989 Number6 Marillion...

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: Jeff Beck

Artist Song Time Album Year Number10 Jeff Beck Sophie 6:31 Wired 1976 Number10Tie Jeff Beck Group Got The Feeling 4:37 Rough And Ready 1971 Number9 Jeff Beck Spanish Boots 3:28 Beck-Ola 1969 Number8 Beck, Bogert & Appice Lady 5:35 Beck Bogert & Appice 1973...

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: Styx

Artist Song Time Album Year Number10 Styx Lady 2:57 Styx II 1973 Number9 Styx Clair De Lune, Ballerina 6:50 Crystal Ball 1976 Number8 Styx Crystal Ball 4:19 Crystal Ball 1976 Number7 Styx Man of Miracles 4:58 Man of Miracles 1974 Number6 Styx Renegade 4:17 Pieces Of...

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: Traffic

Arstist Song Time Album Year Number10 Traffic Pearly Queen 4:23 Traffic 1968 Number9 Traffic Rainmaker 7:56 The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 1971 Number8 Traffic Dream Gerrard 11:21 When The Eagle Flies 1974 Number7 Traffic Medicated Goo 3:29 Last Exit 1969 Number6...

Sea of Tranquility’s Top Ten: Uriah Heep

Artist Song Time Album Year Number10 Uriah Heep Lady In Black (Remaster) 4:32 Salisbury 1971 Number9 Uriah Heep Shadows Of Grief 8:29 Look At Yourself 1971 Number8 Uriah Heep Easy Livin' 2:33 Demons and Wizards 1972 Number7 Uriah Heep Free 'n' Easy 3:02 Innocent...