The slightly left field little corner of, 100 minutes of psychedelic music from around the globe.

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the Psych Ward 76 – the EPIC show, 4 songs in two hours

Grateful Dead Dark Star 31:29:00 The Complete Sunshine Daydream Concert 1972
Phish Soul Planet 46:34:00 2021/08/31 Mountain View, CA 2021
Porcupine Tree The Sky Moves Sideways [Alternate Version] 34:33:00 Sky Moves Sideways 2003
The Standells DIrty Water 2:36 Dirty Water 1966

The Psych Ward edition 60. 120 minutes of psychedelic awesomeness.

10 000 Russos It Grows Under 10:43 Kompromat 2019 Garcia Peoples One Step Behind 14:34 The Relix Sessions 02/23/21 2021 Tom Carter and Ryley Walker Backsliders 8:13 Sliders 2019 yoo doo right A Certain Sense of Disenchantment 1:55 Don't Think You Can Escape Your...

the Psych Ward 59. Crank it

Artist Title Duration Album Year Air La Femme D'Argent 6:52 Moon Safari 2008 WEEDIAN Zone Six - Kozmik Koon 10:55 Trip to Germany 2021 Hills Rise AGain 6:59 Master Sleeps 2011 Amon Duul II Yeti 18:00 Yeti 1970 My Bloody Valentine Soon 6:43 Glider EP 1990 One Dove...