TimeArtistTitleLengthAlbumYearComposerRecord LabelListeners
18:02:41Fractal CypherComing Back To Life10:13Prelude To An Impending Outcome44
18:17:23Vanden PlasMisery Affection5:07Chronicles on the Immortals201443
18:22:30Porcupine TreeSleep Together7:22Fear of a Blank Planet2007Steven WilsonAtlantic44
18:31:45RPWLA New World0:30Tales From Outer Space44
18:32:14RPWLA New World8:31Tales From Outer Space43
18:40:45RiverseaThe Design4:04The Tide201844
18:47:02RPWLWelcome To the freak show0:52Tales From Outer Space43
18:47:54RPWL02 Welcome To The Freak Show6:07Tales From Outer Space42
18:54:01Shadow GalleryDigital Ghost9:33Digital Ghosts2009Insideout42
19:05:54AYREONThe Two Gates5:59Ayreon Universe CD 239
19:11:50RPWLLight Of the World2:38Tales From Outer Space39
19:14:28RPWLLight Of the World10:01Tales From Outer Space37
19:26:57Project CreationCheops5:07Floating World2006Prog Rock Records39
19:32:04RPWLNot our place to be1:43Tales From Outer Space39
19:33:47RPWL04 Not Our Place To Be6:01Tales From Outer Space39
19:39:48In ContinuumAlienA (Feat. Leticia Wolf)4:45Acceleration Theory201939
19:42:03CosmografThe Spirit Capture7:25Capacitor2014Cosmograf Music38
19:49:28In ContinuumBe the Light (Feat. Steve Rothery)4:45Acceleration Theory201938
19:56:16KarciusAbsence Of Light9:32The Fold201839
20:05:48NauticusSingularity7:43Disappear in Blue2018Tuomas Rajala & Nauticus40
20:14:45TNNE (The No Name Experience)My Inner Clock7:04The Clock That Went Backwards201440
20:21:49Toinen ToistaToinen Toista6:48Toinen Toista2018Toinen Toista41
20:28:37soupGoing Somewhere8:02Remedies201739
20:36:39IQRyker Skies9:35Frequency2009IQInside/Out37
20:55:13RPWLFar Away From Here0:33Tales Form Outer Space36
20:55:45RPWLFar Away From Here4:25Tales Form Outer Space36