There are moments when the brand of inspiration strikes hard on the buttocks of your Soundscape DJ. I thought this was one of them but it turned out to be a very painful temporary tattoo. What started as an homage to Leonardo da Vinci, then morphed into a theme about being a Renaissance man (A cat of many colors), and finally deteriorated further to simply, questions and perhaps answers that such a person might find. So the theme went through the ringer. While I did find some music that matched the theme, there was just not enough to support the show. 

What we do have though, is a fantastic set of music, a perfect album side, and a healthy helping of the newest stuff we could grab. Here it is- check it out;

Taking off

  • Rush- Natural Science
  • Quantum Fantay- Shiver Moments
  • Telegraph- Gravity
  • Amgala Temple- Moon Palace

This Episode is Not About da Vinci

  • Marillion- Man of a Thousand Faces
  • Airbag- Call Me Back
  • David Gilmour- Beauty
  • Spock’s Beard- At the End of the Day
  • Perfect Beings- Vibrational: The System and Beyond
  • Perfect Beings- Vibrational: Mysteries, Not Answers
  • Perfect Beings- Vibrational: Altars of the Gods
  • Perfect Beings- Vibrational: Everywhere at Once
  • Perfect Beings- Vibrational: Insomnia
  • Shamall- Thoughts are Swimming in my Head Parts I-II
  • Karmakanic- Higher Ground

Chris Sargent’s Perfect Album Side- “Woof”

  • Pink Floyd- Dogs
  • Kevin Gilbert- Something Nice for My Dog
  • The Flower Kings- Astral Dog
  • Procol Harum- A Salty Dog
  • The Flower Kings- Underdog
  • Pink Floyd- The Dogs of War 
  • The Beatles- Hey Bulldog

Still not about Dicaprio

  • Pendragon- A Man of Nomadic Traits
  • Manning- Nobody’s Fool
  • Heliopolis- Love and Inspiration


  • Steve Hackett- Underground Railroad
  • Lebowski- The Doosan Way
  • RPWL- Give Birth to the Sun
  • Alan Parsons- One Day to Fly