Soundscape 2.82 A Musical Tour of 1978

February 18, 2019

If I continue following this yearly theme of running through the decades, I will not finish for 8 more years. We will see if that happens. For now though, you get the benefit of my journey through the ages. Last time on our history trip we hit the year 1968, today we jut forward one decade to 1978. Punk had been kicking out our shins, disco was knocking at our back door, and yet we the few, the happy, the prog, moved ever forward, progressing as it were. Eating the music around us and spitting it out as progressive rock. 

Perhaps that is the legacy of progressive rock music, it assimilates the best and perhaps sometimes the worst of the musical culture at hand, and churns out musicians with vision and soul. We can see all of it in 1978. This time, we will not be dipping across the years to get any of that new music action. No, this journey is strictly for 1978. Come join us as we stroll the sonic tapestries across the corridor of time.

A Musical Tour of 1978:


  • Kinks- A Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy
  • Boston- Don’t Look Back
  • Alan Parsons Project- Can’t Take it With You

What Happened to Genesis?

  • Anthony Phillips- Wise After the Event
  • Peter Gabriel- White Shadow
  • Steve Hackett- Please Don’t Touch
  • Steve Hackett- The Voice of NECAM
  • Steve Hackett- Icarus Ascending

What about Pink Floyd?

  • David Gilmour- Cry From the Street
  • Richard Wright- Drop in from the Top
  • Grobbschnitt- Mulheim Special>Otto Pankrock>Golden Mist

Well show me the rest!

  • Steve Hillage- Sea Nature
  • Jean Michel Jarre- Equinoxe Pt 4
  • Saga- Ice Nice
  • Al Di Meola- Senor Mouse
  • Gotic- La Revolucio
  • Gerry Rafferty- Baker Street
  • Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds- Horsell Common and The Heat Ray
  • UK- In the Dead of Night> By the Light of Day> Presto Vivace and Reprise
  • Genesis- Say it’s Alright Joe
  • Rush- La Villa Strnagiato
  • Styx- Pieces of Eight
  • Magnum- Kingdom of Madness
  • Rainbow- Kill the King
  • Van Halen- Eruption
  • Journey- Winds of March

How about some live music from 1978

  • Jethro Tull- Thick as a Brick
  • Yes- Heart of the Sunrise
  • Genesis- In the Cage>The Colony of Slippermen>Afterglow

See you next time

  • Yes- Onward