Previously on Soundscape, we discovered that we are not alone, so the prog prophecy tells us. So this time, we leave this bedraggled rock and seek a more appropriate venue for our musical visions. Along the way, we come face to face with some damn fine tunes, and even a short diversion through a perfect album side. It’s time for us to BLAST OFF! Please join us on this excursion.

Blast Off

  • Red Bazar- Rocky Bone Runway
  • Rush- Countdown
  • Yuka & Chronoship- Cutting Gravity
  • The Neal Morse Band- The Great Adventure
  • Quantum Fantay- Journey from Earth
  • Cosmograf- Beautiful Treadmill
  • Styx- Radio Silence
  • Pyramidal- Visions of an Astral Journey
  • Lonely Robot- Airloack
  • D Project- The End
  • Amgala Temple- Moon Palace
  • William Shatner- Walking on the Moon
  • Cosmograf- Goodbye to All Illusions
  • RPWL- Give Birth to the Sun

The Perfect Album Side from Scott Oliver

  • DeeExpus- Marty and the Magic Moose
  • Pure Reason Revolution- The Bright Ambassadors of Morning
  • American Hollow- Say, Is it Really True?
  • Hawkwind- Sonic Attack
  • Amplifier- Trading Dark Matter on The Stock Exchange
  • Roxy Music- More Than This

The Journey Continues

  • Vespero- Flight of the Leutenant
  • CS Brown- Lunar Superia
  • The Far Meadow- Foreign Land
  • Journey- Venus
  • Presto Ballet- Earthbound
  • Stereokimono- Space Surfer
  • Public Service Broadcasting- Go!
  • Alan Parsons- Apollo
  • Rush- Earthshine
  • Marco Ragni- Keep Dreaming