In our opening, we talk about traveling the sonic tapestries; a turn of phrase that sounded pretty good at the time. Anyway, we don’t usually talk about the meaning behind this cryptic phrase so I figured lets name this episode with that name. When I am in a state of flow, creating a setlist for Soundscape, sometimes something magical happens and I feel the presence of a theme, or a world being created or called out of the background. I actually only intended this episode to be a short jaunt into some new music, but it turned out that the muse had a higher calling. So, I will let you piece together your own meanings here, but for me, a story played out that was meaningful. I hope it is for you as well.

Next time around, we will have a proper theme.

Happy travels:

Travels in the Tapestry

  • ELO Pt2- Hello, Hello>Honest Men
  • Styx- These are the Times
  • Pattern Seeking Animals- Orphans of the Universe
  • Farmhouse Odyssey- Out of the Fog
  • Moon Safari- To Sail Beyond the Sunset
  • The Flower Kings- Black Flag
  • Bjorn Riis- Stormwatch
  • Anathema- The Storm Before the Calm
  • Bruce Soord and Jonas Renske- Flows Through You
  • Thank You Scientist- Shatner’s Lament>Anchor
  • Built to Spill- Cortez the Killer
  • Porcupine Tree- The Sky Moves Sideways
  • Billy Sherwood et al- Where We Belong