There is a little “work it through” hesitations at the beginning of podcast and one mistake with Cosmograf song getting cut off going into Abel Ganz but we go back and get Cosmograf after Abel Ganz so it’s all there.  After that it’s smooth sailing.

Artist Song Time Year Album
Steven Wilson Hand Cannot Erase 4:09 2015 Hand Cannot Erase
Days Between Stations The Man Who Died Two Times 4:07 2013 In Extremis
Abel Ganz Unconditional 13:51 2014 Abel Ganz
Cosmograf The Fear Created 7:20 2014 Capacitor
Opus of a Machine Parallels 4:25 2014 Simulcra
Arena Out of the Wilderness 7:57 1995 Songs From The Lion’s Cage
Lifesigns Carousel 11:38 2013 Lifesigns
Tin Spirits Summer Now 5:55 2014 Scorch
Phideaux Rainboy 6:08 2006 The Great Leap
Haken Darkest Light 6:40 2014 Restoration EP
Mystery The World is a Game 7:52 2012 The World is a Game
Big Big Train Uncle Jack 3:39 2013 Make Some Noise EP
Flying Colors Kayla 5:06 2012 Flying Colors
Salander Zeitgeist 7:35 2014 Stendec
newspaperflyhunting Lighthouse 6:29 2014 Iceberg Soul
Pallas Dominion 9:02 2014 wearewhoweare
Dave Kerzner The Lie 5:01 2014 New World
Steven Wilson Drive Home 7:25 2013 The Raven That Refused to Sing
Asia Cutting it Fine 5:27 1982 Asia
Marillion Chelsea Monday 6:48 1983 Script for a Jester’s Tear
IQ The Enemy Smacks 13:47 1983 Tales From the Lush Attic
Abel Ganz Little by Little 7:44 1984 Gratuitous Flash
Pendragon Higher Circles 3:22 1985 The Jewel
Fish Internal Exile 4:31 1991 Internal Exile
Dream Theater Another Day 4:18 1992 Images and Words
Porcupine Tree Dark Matter 8:51 1996 Signify
Spock’s Beard Go The Way You Go 12:08 1995 The Light