Time		Artist				Title
13:00:11 	ProgPhonic Ep 6 		Intro
13:00:52 	Presto Ballet 			Out Of Mind (It's Outta Sight)
13:07:15 	Rocket Scientists 		She's Getting Hysterical
13:13:17 	Jordsjo 			Stifinner
13:21:11 	KariBoW 			Addicted
13:29:21 	Glass Hammer			Cold Star
13:36:49 	Glass Hammer 			Terminus
13:41:03 	Wobbler 			La Bealtaine
13:48:44 	Galahad 			Empires Never Last
14:00:03 	Glass Hammer 			The Key
14:06:10 	Glass Hammer 			The Watchman On The Walls
14:17:38 	My Arrival Pale 		White Dot
14:22:35 	Edison's Children		A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) - Album Edit
14:28:44 	Brighteye Brison 		Pointless Living
14:33:53	In the Presence of Wolves 	White Noise
14:40:30 	Mystery 			Pride
14:47:56 	Bjorn Riis F			Forever Comes to an End
14:58:10 	Jadis				Listen To Me
15:03:37 	Comedy Of Errors 		The Answer
15:13:30 	Kaipa 				What's Behind The Fields
15:22:56 	Anyone's Daughter 		The Race Is On
15:29:35 	Evership 			The Serious Room
15:37:17 	Ray Alder 			Some Days
15:41:47 	Anathema 			Untouchable, Pt. 1
15:47:54 	Riverside 			Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By A Hat!)
15:55:42 	The Pineapple Thief 		The Final Thing on My Mind