This special and extended episode turns the spotlight on just some of the influential and spellbinding artists of the German Prog/Krautrock Scene from the ’70s. Hear more than thirty bands in total, both “Prog-Stinguished” and “Prog-Scure,” in this riveting musical celebration of a fascinating genre! This episode includes music by Amon Düül II, Amos Key, Armaggedon, Brainticket, Eiliff, Electric Sun, Eloy, Epitaph, Erlkoenig, Excalibur, Faust, Frumpy, Gash, Gomorrha, Gravestone, Grobschnitt, Guru Guru, Haze (DE), Jane, Karthago, Lucifer’s Friend, McChurch Soundroom, Message, My Solid Ground, Nine Days Wonder, Novalis, Orange Peel, Pell Mell, Prof. Wolfff, Rufus Zuphall, Satin Whale, Subject ESQ, Thirsty Moon, Triumvirat, Twogether, Wallenstein, and Zomby Woof.