<strong>”Purveyor of the Best of Prog, with a passionate enthusiasm (leaning towards the obsessive) from around the world”</strong>

Never afraid to dig into the archives and scour the world for Progressive Rock. Richard spends a big part of his retired life planning and producing his radio show ProgPhonic simply for the Love of Prog. He found Prog as a young teen listening to late night FM radio growing up in NYC. He is married to his long-time wife Deb who is also a progger attending numerous concerts and festivals. Richard grew up in the 70’s and has a love of classic prog and new prog from emerging artists.

Richard also dabbles with concert photography, fishing and believes it’s always a good time to learn something new. Richard and Deb happily split their time between Chicago and Destin, FL with their two small dogs Phoebe and Zooey. He has two married children and one grandchild. Oh and yes, he did manage to squeeze in a prog song for the father-daughter dance at his daughter’s wedding.