Artist Song Time Album Year
Temple of Switches Llamada a San Cristobal (Chepo’s Song) 2:53 WORLD PREMIERE SINGLE 2021
The Aaron Clift Experiment Castle in the Sky 4:03 If All Goes Wrong 2018
ABBA Eagle (Live At Wembley Arena, London/1979) 6:11 Live At Wembley Arena 2014
Abel Ganz One Small Soul 5:50 The Life Of The Honey Bee and Other Moments 2020
Abigail’s Ghost Easy A 3:31 D_Letion 2009
Lee Abraham Say Your Name Aloud 4:54 The Seasons Turn 2016
Abydos Coppermoon (The Other Side) 5:07 The Little Boy’s Heavy Mental Shadow Opera 2004
A.C.T Everything’s Falling 4:54 Circus Pandemonium (Japanese Edition) 2014
The Adekaem Still, Constantly 3:23 The Great Lie 2021
Advent Horizon Invasion Theorem 4:12 Stagehound 2015
Adventure Destiny 4:29 New Horizon 2019
Aesthesys Marea 5:11 Achromata 2018
After Crying Madrigal Love Part Two 2:53 Overground Music 1990
After The Fire Back To The Light 4:29 Signs Of Change 1978
Agents of Mercy Between Sun and Moon 5:00 The Black Forest 2011
Airbag Machines and Men 10:33 A Day at the Beach 2020
Aisles Smile of Tears 3:49 In Sudden Walks 2009
Jan Akkerman Crackers 3:49 Jan Akkerman 1977
Alan Parsons I Can’t Get There from Here 4:26 The Secret 2019
Alaska Tiananmen Square 11:47 Alaska 1998
Albion Call It A Sin 3:06 You’ll Be Mine 2018
Alias Eye Hybrid 3:58 Field Of Names 2001
Azam Ali Ben Bode Santa Maria 3:04 Portals of Grace 2002
Alice Cooper Clones (We’re All) 2:45 Flush The Fashion 1980
Alquin Convicts Of The Air 3:38 The Mountain Queen 1973
Also Eden Think Of The Children 1 6:59 Think Of The Children! 2011
Alux Nahual Niños de maíz 4:39 AMERICAMORPHOSIS 1993
Ambrosia Mama Frog 6:00 Ambrosia 1975
Ambrosia I Wanna Know 5:57 Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled 1976
Amaran’s Plight I Promise You 2:53 Voice in the Light 2007
Amorphis My Kantele 4:56 Elegy 1996
AmuZeum Naysayer 6:26 New Beginnings 2020
Amon Düül II Loosey Girls 4:59 Made In Germany (Reissued 2004) 1975
Analogy Indian Meditation 4:12 Analogy 1972
Anathema The Storm Before the Calm 9:07 Weather Systems 2012
Anathema Ariel 6:07 A Sort Of Homecoming 2015
Anathema The Beginning and the End 4:51 Weather Systems 2012
The Anchoress The Art of Losing 4:05 The Art of Losing 2021
And So I Watch You From Afar Set Guitars To Kill 5:26 And So I Watch You From Afar 2009
Ian Anderson The Secret Language Of Birds 4:11 The Secret Language Of Birds [Bonus Tracks] 2000
Anderson Ponty Band Listening With Me 5:34 Better Late Than Never 2015
Andy Summers _ Robert Fripp China – Yellow Leader 6:35 advance masked 1982
Anekdoten Until All the Ghosts Are Gone 4:58 Until All the Ghosts Are Gone 2015