Artist Song Time Album Year
The Dark Monarchy Bed Of Posers 6:05 The Dark Monarchy 2020
The Darkness I Believe In A Thing Called Love 3:49 Permission To Land 2003
Darkwater Alive (Pt. II) 7:13 Human 2019
DarWin A Frozen War 7:30 Darwin 2: A Frozen War 2020
Darwin’s Radio Stronger 5:49 Eyes of the World 2006
Daughtry Over You 3:41 Daughtry 2007
David Cross Band Starfall 5:43 Sign of the Crow 2016
David Byrne and Brian Eno Strange Overtones 4:14 Everything That Happens Will Happen Today 2008
Dawes When My Time Comes 5:02 North Hills 2010
Day Six 7th Sign 6:51 The Grand Design 2010
Days Before Tomorrow Lighters 5:14 The Sky is Falling 2009
Days Between Stations Either-Or 7:23 Days Between Stations 2007
Days Of The New Shelf In The Room 4:35 Days of the New 1998
DEAD CAN DANCE Black Sun 4:43 Aion 1990
Dead Can Dance The Host of Seraphim 5:59 The Serpent’s Egg 1988
Dead Heroes Club Watching & Waiting Man 5:27 Everything Is Connected 2013
Dead Soul Tribe Waiting For The Answer 5:38 The January Tree 2004
Dead Soul Tribe Some Things You Can’t Return 5:16 A Murder of Crows 2003
Deadwood Forest The City In The Sea 6:22 Mellodramatic 2000
The Dear Hunter Is There Anybody Here? 6:36 Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise 2015
Death Cab For Cutie You Are A Tourist 4:38 Codes and Keys 2011
The Decemberists The Queen’s Rebuke-The Crossing 3:56 The Hazards of Love 2009
De De Lind Voglia Di Rivivere 3:34 Io Non So Da Dove Vengo E Non So Dove Mai Andro Uomo E’Il Nome Che Mi Han Dato 1973
De De Lind E Poi 1:59 Io Non So Da Dove Vengo E Non So Dove Mai Andro Uomo E’Il Nome Che Mi Han Dato 1973
Deaton LeMay Project Voice of Freedom 6:51 Day After Yesterday 2019
DeeExpus Marty and the Magic Moose 4:42 The King of Number 33 2011
Deep Energy Orchestra Moksha – I. The Village / II. The Battle 4:44 The Return 2020
Deep Purple Chasing Shadows 5:31 Deep Purple (Vinyl) 1969
Deep Purple Child In Time 10:08 In Rock (1995 Extended Remaster – 25th Anniversary) 1970
Deep Purple Mistreated 7:20 Burn (Vinyl) 1974
Deep Purple Lazy 7:14 Machine Head (1997 Remaster, 25th Anniversary) 1972