Artist Song Time Album Year
Venus Loon Apollo Rising 5:43 Apollo rising 2022
Jonathan Hulten Dance of the Water Spirits 3:25 Single 2022
In Gowan Ring The Serpent 3:28 The Serpent And The Dove 2015
Jethro Tull Mrs Tibbets 5:47 The Zealot Gene 2022
Breidablik Hraznō 7:26 Alduorka 2022
Vincent Carr’s SUMIC The Spring of ’22, Part 3 5:43 The Spring of ’22, 2022 2022
Nanna Barslev Skjoldmø 6:47 Lysbærer 2022
Marillion Care 14:57 An Hour Before It’s Dark 2022
  1. Another stellar release from Peter Lawson, this one themed around the Apollo Moon landing. I must mention the clever inclusion of a $3.88 super duper saver price sticker on the cover art. The guitars are expertly played, layer upon layer, with bass, percussion and synths providing a perfect backdrop for them. The music is aptly (moon)suited to the titles, and the inclusion of bagpipes in the final track, once they are “Home,” is a lovely touch. Favourite Track: Apollo Rising
    1. I rarely buy a single, nor an EP for that matter, but made an exception here, as the proceeds go to the International Red Cross in support of Ukraine. And it is, as I suspected, exquisite. There is an accompanying video on YouTube that is extremely theatrical. Majestic music, which is both delicate and sublime, intertwined choral vocals give one a sense of enchantment.
      1. Done in medieval, wyrdfolk and psychedelic style, there is a deep bell to open and close the recording. An allegorical tale using alchemy as a backdrop, it is very pastoral and haunting. Some instruments included are viola, nyckelharpa, and dulcimer, along with acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and percussion. The phantasmagoric story that ensues once the vocals begin is best listened to from start to finish for full effect. Favourite Track: The Serpent
        Jethro Tull - The Zealot Gene.png
        Jethro Tull: “The Zealot Gene” This release is fully mature Ian Anderson musing upon the world as it is today. He’s lost none of his ability to provide sharp commentary and holds back little on this. His flute playing is superb, the band is tight and delivers the right tone to the pieces. Unlike some of the later Anderson vocals, here, he keeps the notes in his later-life register. Although I miss the input of Martin Barre, this stands well beside my favourite solo Ian releases, “Divinities: Twelve Dances With God,” and “The Secret Life of Birds.” A musician friend (Luis Nasser) had said somewhere, something to the effect that this seems to possibly be a final farewell to Ian’s fans, and I agree with this assessment. If so, it’s been a fine ride since 1968 and my grateful thanks to Ian and everyone who’s been in the band for providing so much of my life’s soundtrack and so many great concert memories. YT link to favourite track, as this is not a Bandcamp release:
        1. Here we have dark ambient music, mostly electronic in nature, but not without some more organic bass, guitars, flute and drums. Elements of space rock and psych join hands for a cerebral and cinematic journey. The 21 minute opening track is absolutely stunning in it’s depth and breadth. Favourite track: Hraznō
      1. This release is comprised of three instrumental improvisations. In the first, driving electric guitar creates an upbeat atmosphere, in celebration of the advent of the season; the second is somehow more reflective with organ providing the backdrop for the guitar musings, with more than a hint of psychedelia. The third, and concluding, piece creates a feeling of great vistas and distance, with keyboards, in an almost choral effect.
        1. Almost unworldly gorgeous vocals and dark ambient undertones permeate this captivating release. Using traditional instruments such as hurdy gurdy, harp, moraharpa, tagelharpa, Breeiflute, electronic drones and sometimes heavy percussive elements, the exquisite vocalist soars throughout. The Danish multi-instrumentalist creates sonic perfection here, highly recommended for fans of Nordic, Dark Folk and World music. Favourite Track: Skjoldmø
          Marillion - An Hour Before It's Dark.png
          Marillion: “An Hour Before Dark” Marillion returns with a dark look and warning that we all should heed, as our world hurtles toward destruction on so many levels. Right when we could potentially be looking forward to brighter times, we still have to address so much for the survival of our planet. It is also a look backward to the pandemic days, which should have pulled us together, instead of deepening divides. As usual, the band delivers pretty much flawless musical colour to Hogarth’s moving lyrics and impeccable vocals. We’ve got time. An hour. Before dark. May the angels put their arms around us all. The final piece, an epic, is my favourite track. I particularly love the way that this piece reprises the first one, bookending the recording. “Care” describes so well, what it is like to lose someone to a disease. A warning that time is short for us all. An hour. YT link to “Care,” as this is not available via Bandcamp.