Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Potemkine Triton Loolit II Voxigrave 1977 8:33
Asceta Asceta Los De Afuera Azafran 2022 6:37
Zoe Keating Into the Trees Escape Artist Self Released 2010 6:35
CAN Tago Mago Paperhouse United Artists 1971 7:29
Estradasphere Palace Of Mirrors A Corporate Merger The End 2006 8:17
AKKU quintet Molecules Schneemann Morpheus 2015 9:28
Bondage Fruit Bondage Fruit Kodomo No Torokko ISIS 1994 8:25
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp We’re OK. But We’re Lost Anyway Beginning Red Wig 2021 5:43
Patrick Grant FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music The Weights of Numbers Self Released 2018 8:38
Amon Düül II Yeti Eye-Shaking King Liberty 1970 5:41
Happy Family Happy Family Kaiten (Ningen Gyorai) Cuneiform 1995 8:24
ILL CONSIDERED Liminal Space Loosed New Soil 2021 6:16
Volapük Slang! Dunaj Cuneiform 1997 4:27
Eider Stellaire 1 Arctis 6e ephemeride Self Released 1981 7:08
Desertion Trio Numbers Maker Albion Cuneiform 2021 7:48
Third Ear Band Alchemy Area Three Harvest 1969 8:31
Van Der Graaf Generator Godbluff Undercover Man Charisma 1975 7:14
Knifeworld The Unravelling The Skulls We Buried Have Regrown Their Eyes Inside Out 2014 4:31
Univers Zero Heresie Jack The Ripper Atem 1979 13:18