Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Kultivator Barndomens stigar Novarest Bauta 1981 6:17
Antique Seeking Nuns Double Egg With Chips And Beans Son Of Cheese Troopers For Sound 2006 5:59
Yugen Labirinto D’Acqua Corale Metallurgico Altrock 2006 7:34
A Formal Horse Meat Mallet This One’s Just a Warning Plane Groovy 2021 4:48
Agitation Free Malesch You Play For Us Today Vertigo 1972 6:15
Yowie Synchromysticism Ineffable Dolphin Communion Skin Graft 2017 6:24
São Paulo Underground Trés Cabeças Loucuras Jagoda’s Dream Cuneiform 2011 4:18
Wax People Wax People BAN’T Self Released 2021 5:23
Ill Wicker Untamed Silent Impulse The Sign 2016 7:14
Rational Diet On Phenomena and Existences Human Life In The Wind Altrock 2010 4:15
Zao Z=7L La Soupe Vertigo 1974 7:26
Zevious Passing Through The Wall Entanglement Cuneiform 2013 4:19
3 Mice Send me a Postcard Tse-Tse Les Disques Rayes 2012 4:07
Moving Gelatine Plates The World Of Genius Hans Astromonster CBS 1972 6:19
Harmonia Musik von Harmonia Watussi Brain 1974 5:59
Join The Din Join The Din Don’t Hold It In Self Released 2018 6:43
Jeremy Flower The Real Me The Real Me Self Released 2016 4:28
Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Quartet Phoenix Concerto Epico Moonjune 2020 7:32
Unit Wail Retort Pumapunku Soleil Mutant 2013 5:37
Pixvae Pixvae Lancherito Buda Musique 2016 7:47