Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Gutbucket A Modest Proposal Side Effects May Include Gut Records 2009 7:03
Art Zoyd Génération Sans Futur La Ville Atem 1980 16:56
black midi Hellfire Welcome To Hell Rough Trade 2022 4:10
Cardiacs Sing to God Dog-Like Sparky Alphabet Business Concern 1996 4:54
Join The Din Elephants In Autumn Rage Red Room Bad Elephant 2022 5:55
Magma Mëkanïk Dëstruktïw Kömmandöh Hortz Fur Dëhn Stëkëhn West Vertigo 1973 9:35
Schnauser Altra Seccatura Daddy Self Released 2022 5:36
Julverne a neuf Layettes Crammed Discs 1980 10:02
Art Zoyd Génération Sans Futur Divertissement 6:49
North Sea Radio Orchestra I a Moon Morpheus Miracle Maker Household Mark 2011 5:21
Cardiacs Sing to God Fiery Gun Hand 5:13
Melt Yourself Down Melt Yourself Down Fix My Life Leaf 2013 4:03
black midi Hellfire The Race Is About To Begin 7:15
Five-Storey Ensemble Night en Face The Road Away From… AltRock 2017 6:13
Join The Din Elephants In Autumn Rage Beats Have No Nations 6:09
Horse Lords The Common Task Fanfare for Effective Freedom Northern Spy 2020 7:22
Schnauser Altra Seccatura Bistro! 4:59
a.P.A.t.T. Fun With Music Matter Of Fact Pickled Egg 2015 4:17
Art Zoyd Génération Sans Futur Génération Sans Futur 9:50
Už Jsme Doma Pohádky ze zápotřebí Ránoc Indies Records 1995 5:59
Cardiacs Sing to God Dirty Boy 8:55
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Petrophonics Nevergreen Cuneiform 2000 7:32