Stellar release from veterans Djam Karet. Like many ambient progressive pieces, it is best enjoyed in it’s entirety, as it is mesmerizing and hypnotic. The myriad instruments are both acoustic and electric. Along with space/psych and dipping expertly into world folk elements, and the inclusion of field recordings and chanting at times, it is a fascinating amalgamation.
  1. Yet another fabulous band from Norway, what do they put in their water??? Emotive lead singer and expert band, well-produced and lush post-progressive rock, with folk under- and over-tones. The music is haunting with sometimes a sense of doom, albeit mixed with hope and grandeur. The soaring Clair de Lune is my favourite track, which is not the Debussy piece, although they do play a bit of that one later on in the recording
    1. Firmly in the classical/chamber/minimalist set, comes this gem from Warsaw. Piano, organ, violins, soprano sax, double bass, and flute comprise the musicians. Contemplative and thoughtful perfection. For some reason, the two titles using “silent/silence,” appeal most to me. Favourite of the two is Silent Zone, which makes me think of watching woolly bear caterpillars in autumn.
      1. Led by multi-instrumentalist Robin Armstrong, Cosmograf is fine neo-prog with strong classical overtones, plus a swing by the 70s. This is a concept release, based around a WWII Spitfire pilot reminiscing on his flights, his battles, his homeland, those he loved there and his regret for how things will never be the same again. Wonderfully cinematic and elegant work.
        1. This is comprised of former Frequency Drift’s Andreas Hack and guest Nerissa Schwarz, with Spires’ Paul Sadler and Wolfgang Osterman. Guitars, keys, drums and electric harp are the instruments in this otherworldly sounding outfit. There is a dark sound here, at once introspective and plaintive, bound together with soaring, evocative vocals. Superb progressive, cinematic rock with stellar players.
          1. Robert Schindler has played synthesizer for numerous acts and also is a master studio engineer and producer. Here he is bringing his talents for the benefit of the Bob Moog Foundation, in a winning selection of original jazz-prog-fusion synth pieces. The epic title track is very rewarding, but citing Levels as my favourite here, for the purpose of a more succinct introduction to the recording.
            1. Incredibly atmospheric and eerie music from this multi-instrumentalist composer. Known for his award-winning documentary and narrative film soundtracks, he blends experimental, folk, and contemporary classical into a delectable melange. There are two gorgeous suites included in this release, but to give an idea of what to expect, my favourite track is A Pale Mare.
              1. I rarely buy singles, but am hoping that these two will be encouraged to put out a full-length release. A collaboration between Marjana Semkina of iamthemorning and Anna Murphy of Cellar Darling, this track is as dreamy, melancholy, and haunting (literally) as it gets. Their intertwining vocals are bolstered by flute, hurdy-gurdy, synths, nyckelharpa, violin, viola, and guitars, bass and drums. So so good, eagerly awaiting more. Please tell me there will be more.