What happens when an 8-year-old kid in 1972 gets his first transistor radio and his first musical loves on WABC-AM and WWRL-AM in New York are classic R&B, the symphonic soul of Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra, and the “pop Prog” of Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra? Then, some new friends a little later in jr. high introduce him to ELP, the virtuoso Southern Rock of the Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Molly Hatchet, and some more “pop Prog” by the Alan Parsons Project? Then, sprinkle in some symphonic disco love on New York’s WBLS radio, and then the discovery of New York’s WRVR jazz radio, and then college in downtown Manhattan literally right next door to the J&R Music World Jazz Outlet, and where does it all lead? Why to Jazz, Rock/Jazz Fusion, and Prog, of course…the genres where all that love of complex, well played and arranged long form music come together! But wait, there’s more: Fold in the quite-accidental discovery of the great Japanese fusion band T-Square in 1988 and seeing them live at NYC’s Bottom Line, and then learning about the whole J-Fusion subculture, and the fixation is complete…for the next 35+ years!

Hope you enjoy the “Fusion Plus w/ Dave”, program, the culmination of 5 decades of “all that jazz”.