Artist Track Duration Album L
Fearful Symmetry Warlords 14:44 The Difficult Second 84
Ryo Okumoto The Myth Of The Mostrophus 22:06 The Myth of the Mostrophus 86
Lobate Scarp You Have It All 14:26 You Have It All 86
Ghost Of The Machine Scissors 17:18 Scissorgames 73
Kaipa The Bitter Setting Sun 15:11 Urskog 60
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side Oceans Of Time 11:32 Miles From Nowhere 122
Versa Pool of the Naiads (ft. Lars Frederik Frøislie & Eric GIllette) 15:25 A Voyage / A Destination 125
The Tangent The GPS Vultures 16:33 Songs from the Hard Shoulder 118