Artist Female Vocalist Track Duration Album
The Blackheart Orchestra Chrissie Mostyn The Warning 4:36 Hotel Utopia
Fearful Symmetry Yael Shotts Sandworm 6:33 The Difficult Second
Lana Lane Lana Lane Under the Big Sky 5:16 Neptune Blue
Rainskin Tota Evlavi A Perfect Day To Shoot Your Dreams, Pt. 2 3:32 A Perfect Day To Shoot Your Dreams…
Spriggan Mist Fay Brotherhood Sunny Days 4:07 Isambard The Mechanical Dragon
Last Flight To Pluto Alice Freya Stop Yourself From Turning Into Dust 4:56 Random, Karma, Fate & Destiny
YYNOT Rocky Kuner Living Proof 3:53 Light and Shade
John Holden Sally Minnear Peggy’s Cove 4:20 Kintsugi
Rosalie Cunningham Rosalie Cunningham Duet 7:18 Two Piece Puzzle