Artist Track Duration Album
Arena Time Capsule 5:26 The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance
The Blackheart Orchestra The Tide 4:40 Hotel Utopia
Fearful Symmetry Eastern Eyes 5:10 The Difficult Second
Galahad The Last Great Adventurer 10:28 The Last Great Adventurer
Ghost Of The Machine Mountain 7:48 Scissorgames
Leafblade To the Wise Woman 6:59 Merlin, Child of the Merrymoon
Lobate Scarp Our Test Tube Universe 7:33 You Have It All
Marillion Be Hard on Yourself (The Tear in the Big Picture / Lust for Luxury / You Can Learn) 9:04 An Hour Before It’s Dark
The Mighty Ra Rain 4:17 All Secrets Known
Nathan Fatti non foste 4:38 Uomini di Sabbia
Porcupine Tree Harridan 7:49 Closure / Continuation
Temple of Switches The Wind 4:52 Temple of Switches 4
Gandalf’s Fist Widdershins 13:47 Widdershins
Retreat From Moscow The One You Left Behind 7:45 The World As We Knew It
Returned To The Earth Fall of the Watcher 8:44 Fall Of The Watcher
Rocking Horse Music Club Prologue: Riverside 3:31 Circus of Wire Dolls
Ryo Okumoto Mirror Mirror 9:19 The Myth of the Mostrophus
The Flower Kings The Great Pretender 6:54 By Royal Decree
Venus Principle The Lord He Giveth And He Taketh Away 4:23 Stand in Your Light
Kaipa Urskog 7:53 Urskog