2022 Nominations : Best Instrumental Albums w Chuck and Richard
Artist Track Duration Album Year
Bonzo Fimbres Levitating Man 7:48 The Suicidal Theater Company 2022
Venus Loon The Balance of Insanity 4:49 Havoc 2022
Phoenix Again Moments Of Life 10:17 Vision 2022
Anima Morte Leaving Redemption Behind 4:30 Serpents in the Fields of Sleep 2022
Djam Karet Arrival 5:40 Island in the Red Night Sky 2022
Gayle Ellett & The Electromags No Deposit, No Return 6:01 Shiny Side Up 2022
The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest The White Toad Majesty 4:40 The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest 2022