2022 Nominations – Best EP’s w/ Chuck and Richard
Artist Title Duration Album
Versa Sea of Vapours 5:27 A Voyage / A Destination
Potter’s Daughter Midway 4:45 Weighted Keys (EP)
Machines Dream Edge of the World 5:22 Earth (EP)
Lesoir Babel Pt. 3 6:55 Babel – EP
2022 Nominations – Best Prog Opera w/ Chuck and Richard
Avantasia The Moonflower Society 4:56 A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society
Royal Hunt Thorn in My Heart 8:39 Dystopia, Part 2
Woods of Wonders, Stefani Keogh, Alina Lesnik, Luigi Soranno, Thomas Schmitt, Max Rudolph The Witch’s Daughter (feat. Stefani Keogh, Alina Lesnik, Luigi Soranno, Thomas Schmitt & Max Rudolph) 3:40 Lost
2022 Nominations – Best Prog Pop w/ Chuck and Richard
Cats In Space Teenage Millionaires 3:24 Kickstart The Sun
D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings Julia 5:59 Troika
Blueminded Walk The Line 5:09 Break the Silence
2022 Nominations – Missed Albums from Previous Categories w/ Chuck and Richard
Evership Nobody 7:26 The Uncrowned King: Act 2
Solace Supplice Les miradors 6:27 Liturgies Contemporaines
2022 Posthumous
Nine Skies Colourblind 5:42 5.2 Eric Bouillette
David Longdon Watch It Burn 4:10 Door One David Longdon