2022 Nominations – Best Prog Concept Albums w/ Chuck and Richard
Adventure Hell’s Belle 5:01 Tales of Belle, Part 1: Across the Ocean
Arena Time Capsule 5:26 The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance
Cosmograf Heroic Materials 13:07 Heroic Materials
Crystal Palace Leaving This Land 8:55 Still There
The Dear Hunter Ring 7, Industry 4:24 Antimai
Ghost Of The Machine Just For Reference 5:31 Scissorgames
Kaprekar’s Constant Tall Tales by Firelight 4:45 The Murder Wall
Leafblade Mother 4:24 Merlin, Child of the Merrymoon
Romero, Michael Divide & Conquer 4:44 War Of The Worlds, Pt. 2
Rocking Horse Music Club Senseless Sky 2:39 Circus of Wire Dolls
The Tirith Return Of The Lydia 12:21 Return Of The Lydia
Cyril Desert Crossing 6:25 Amenti´s Coin: Secret Place, Part 2
Evership Coronation 8:17 The Uncrowned King: Act 2
Dave Kerzner Here and Now Part Two 4:43 The Traveler (Special Edition Pre-Order)
Dirt Poor Robins Enchanté 5:33 Queen of the Night
Lesoir Babel Pt. 1 6:03 Babel – EP