Artist Song Time Album Year
Potter’s Daughter Catherine 6:01 Weighted Keys (EP) 2022
Poutahaukat & Marko Haavisto Stay 4:05 The Man Without a Past (Aki Kaurismäki’s ST) 2018
Poverty’s No Crime Terminal Trip 6:50 The Chemical Chaos 2003
Poverty’s No Crime Access Denied 5:18 Slave To The Mind 1999
Cozy Powell Octopuss 5:55 The Best Of Cozy Powell 1997
Preacher Welcome to the Fray 4:33 Aftermath 2016
Preacher Arrival 5:52 Signals 2013
Prefers to Hide in the Dark Eternity 5:39 Boundless Eternity, Hereafter Torment 2022
Prehistoric Animals No Mortal Girl Has Ever Seen The Light Inside 6:49 The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter One) 2020
Prehistoric Animals I Am The Chosen 0Ne (And I Like It) 6:05 The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter Two) 2022
Prehistoric Animals The Magical Mystery Machine 7:31 The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter One) 2020
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) Photos Of Ghosts (Per Un Amico) 5:14 Photos Of Ghosts 1973
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) Appena Un Po’ 7:29 Per un Amico 1972
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) Il Respiro Del Tempo 6:13 I Dreamed of Electric Sheep (Italian version) 2021
PFM – Premiata Forneria Marconi Maestro Della Voce 7:14 PFM in Classic: Da Mozart a Celebration (2) 2013
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) Per Un Amico 5:17 Per un Amico 1972
A Presenca Das Formigas Satira A Leanor 4:59 Ciclorama 2011
Presto Ballet One Perfect Moment 5:05 Invisible Places 2011
Presto Ballet Hard Times For Dreamers 7:25 The Days Between 2018
Pretenders Middle Of The Road 4:10 Learning to Crawl 1984
The Pretty Things Private Sorrow 3:51 S.F. Sorrow 1968
The Pretty Things Loneliest Person 1:21 S.F. Sorrow 1968
The Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow Is Born 3:04 S.F. Sorrow 1968
The Pretty Things Balloon Burning 3:44 S.F. Sorrow 1968
Primitive Instinct Friend 3:15 Floating Tangibility 1994
Prism Spaceship Superstar 4:05 Over 60 Minutes With 1979
Prisma Annemarie 5:13 Gold 2021
Prisma Paragon 5:19 Collusion 2007
Privative Alpha Outcast (Blame the Fool) 5:31 21 Grams 2022
Procol Harum Fires (Which Burn Brightly) 5:03 Grand Hotel (2009 Remaster) 1973
Procol Harum About To Die 3:29 Home 1970
Procol Harum The Devil Came From Kansas 4:28 A Salty Dog (1998 Remaster) 1969
Procol Harum A Salty Dog 4:24 A Salty Dog (1998 Remaster) 1969