Artist Album Track Label Year Time
The Claudia Quintet Royal Toast Keramag Cuneiform 2010 8:10
ni Les insurgés de Romilly Rodomont Dur et Doux 2015 5:53
firefly burning Lightships O Thou Self Released 2010 7:12
jean louis live à limoges gilgamesh Self Released 2018 9:24
Algernon Ghost Surveilance Broken Lady Cuneiform 2010 4:55
EYOT Similarity Similarity Ninety & Nine 2014 10:10
Black Country, New Road For the first time Athens, France Ninja Tune 2021 6:23
Charlie Cawood Blurring Into Motion Voice Of Space Bad Elephant 2019 6:36
Filthy Habits Ensemble Plays Stravinsky L’Histoire Du Soldat Petit Concert OctoberXart 2014 8:52
ni Les insurgés de Romilly Torfesor Dur et Doux 2015 5:41
Chrome Hoof Pre-Emptive False Rapture Spokes of Uridium Southern 2007 8:08
jean louis live à limoges basarabia Self Released 2018 9:07
Finnegan Shanahan The Two Halves The Platelayers New Amsterdam 2016 6:40
Heldon Stand By Stand By Egg 1979 14:05
Battles La Di Da Di Summer Simmer Warp 2015 5:50
Lumen Drones Umbra Droneslag Hubro 2019 6:06
ni Les insurgés de Romilly Cuistre Dur et Doux 2015 4:52
Camberwell Now The Ghost Trade Working Nights Ink 1986 7:45
jean louis live à limoges kasams Self Released 2018 10:19
ILL CONSIDERED ILL CONSIDERED Tangled Self Released 2017 6:04