Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Miriodor Cobra Fakir Speed-Dating Sur Mars Cuneiform 2013 7:07
Thinking Plague Hoping Against Hope Hoping Against Hope Cuneiform 2017 10:06
black midi Cavalcade Slow Rough Trade 2021 5:37
The Comet Is Coming Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery Super Zodiac Impulse 2019 4:02
Vezhlivy Otkaz Geese And Swans Мурка Zenith 2010 4:51
Amon Düül II Wolf City Surrounded By The Stars United Artists 1972 7:50
Univers Zero Ceux du Dehors Combat Atem 1981 12:53
In Love With Axel Erotic Asil Guide Be Coq 2016 4:50
Schnellertollermeier Rights Rights Cuneiform 2017 13:16
Magma Mëkanïk Dëstruktïw Kömmandöh Da Zeuhl Wortz Mëkanïk Vertigo 1973 7:48
Sarah Kirkland Snider Unremembered No. 13, The Past New Amsterdam 2015 5:42
Dead Can Dance The Serpent’s Egg The Host Of Seraphim 4AD 1988 6:18
Henry Cow Western Culture Day By Day: Falling Away Broadcast 1979 7:31
Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin Stoa Modul 35 ECM 2006 9:12
Squid Bright Green Field Boy Racers Warp 2021 7:34
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum In Glorious Times The Salt Crown The End 2007 9:09
Heilung Futha Othan Season Of Mist 2019 10:19
PoiL Sus Luses Fadas Dur et Doux 2019 7:07
Gutbucket A Modest Proposal Carnivore Cuneiform 2009 6:26
Alec K Redfearn & The Eyesores Sister Death Fire Shuffle Cuneiform 2012 7:55
Melt Yourself Down Last Evenings On Earth Dot To Dot Leaf 2016 4:28
Cardiacs On Land And In The Sea Buds And Spawn Alphabet Business  Concern 1989 6:46
Upsilon Acrux Sun Square Dialect Death Before Disharmonic New Atlantis 2015 6:26
Aranis Songs From Mirage Out Ama Homerecords 2009 7:31
Shub Niggurath Les Morts Vont Vite La ballade de Lénore Musea 1986 8:58
Cheer-Accident No ifs, ands or Dogs Drag You Down Cuneiform 2011 4:33