Artist Album Track Label Year Time
Amygdala Complex Combat Double army Soleil Zeuhl 2008 12:02
5uu’s Hunger’s Teeth Opportunity Bangs ReR Megacorp 1994 5:21
Manna/Mirage Man Out Of Time In For A Penny New House 2021 4:35
CHROMB! II Le Colis Self Release 2014 5:04
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.X.O. motherfucker=redeemer (cont.) Constellation 2002 10:11
Ezra Collective You Can’t Steal My Joy People Saved Enter The Jungle 2019 6:29
Gila Gila Kommunikation BASF 1971 12:57
Mammal Hands Floa Quiet Fire Gondwana 2016 6:44
5uu’s Hunger’s Teeth Truth, Justice, and the American Way ReR Megacorp 1994 5:35
Ben Monder Oceana Echolalia Sunnyside 2005 8:04
CHROMB! II Il Dansait La Chance Self Release 2014 6:02
Kristin Rule The Knife that Cuts a Tear Power (3rd Mov – ‘the Enemies of Learning’) Self Release 2010 6:27
Eccentric Orbit Attack of the Martians The Day The Eart Stood Still Self Release 2004 10:14
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures She’s Lost Control Factory 1979 4:56
Deadly Orgone Radiation Desecration Of Form Enmity and Erasure ugExplode 2022 11:30
5uu’s Hunger’s Teeth Equus ReR Megacorp 1994 5:13
Manna/Mirage Man Out Of Time 4 Steps Back New House 2021 10:45
CHROMB! II La Saulce Self Release 2014 8:24
Magma Trilogie Theusz Hamtaahk Mekanik Kommandoh Seventh Records 2001 8:05
Culto Sin Nombre Fraturas Internas Fracturas Internas SoloArt 2002 9:37