This is The Prog ‘n’ Roll Radio Show! 0:36
Welcome to the 400th Prog ‘n’ Roll! 0:50
A Message from our very dear Ben Bell (Member of the Knights of Ni) 0:45
A Message from Phegos (Our Parisienne Friend) 1:14
RED SAND Insatiable 14:32 The Sound of the Seventh Bell (2021)
A Message from Fearful Symmetry’s Mastermind, Suzi James. 0:28
CLEPSYDRA When the Bells Started Ringing 11:05 The Gap (2019)
You are listening to The Prog ‘n’ Roll Radio Show 0:44
A Message from our Londoner friend, Tim. 0:29
DREAM THEATER The Big Medley 10:33 A Change Of Seasons (1995)
A Message from our German translator and album cover uploader, Sonja. 1:26
AYREON The Day that the World Breaks Down 12:27 The Source (2017)
George & Nihal Present Prog ‘n’ Roll 0:35
A Message from George’s Hi-School friend, ChrisZepi 0:37
RENAISSANCE Ashes are Burning 11:21 Ashes are Burning (1973)
A Message from our beloved Vampire, Gotrek… 0:34
KING CRIMSON Starless 12:14 Red (1974)
You are listening to The Prog ‘n’ Roll Radio Show with George and Nihal 0:31
A Message from our best man from Crete, Solis. 0:46
GANDALF’S FIST The Clokkemaker 12:52 The Clockwork Prologue (2019)
A Message from Mr. Fawlty… ehm sorry, Pat Sanders 1:15
DRIFTING SUN King of the Country 11:37 Forsaken Innocence (2021)