Artist Song Time Album Year
Solstice 0:32
Solstice Mount Ephraim 5:54 Light Up 2022
Peter Lawson 0:27
Peter Lawson/Venus Loon Canticum pro mortis 3:19 10 of Swords 2023
Mice On Stilts 0:45
Mice On Stilts Anxiety Baby 6:04 I Am Proud of You 2023
Exploring Birdsong 0:28
Exploring Birdsong Bear the Weight 5:00 Dancing in the Face of Danger 2023
compassionizer 0:28
Compassionizer As Smoke is Driven Away 20:18 As Smoke Is Driven Away (EP) 2023
Lankum 0:47
Lankum Lord Abore and Mary Flynn 8:36 False Lankum 2023
Deposed King 0:29
Deposed King Path Of Forlorn 7:39 One Man’s Grief 2023

Not on Bandcamp: Solstice “Light Up” This is an intriguing mix of folk, with neo-prog, art rock, and even some funk thrown in. As suspected by the name, there’s a generous dash of world and Celtic also. Jess Holland’s voice is what cements the whole thing together, in my book, with superb support from bandmates (Andy Glass ) guitars and vocals, (Steven McDaniel ) keyboards, (Robin Phillips) bass,(Peter Hemsley) drums and fiddle and viola (provided by Jenny Newman). I absolutely love the sheer energy and excitement of (5:59) “Mount Ephriam.

  1. This time Peter Lawson draws on the Tarot card of 10 of Swords for inspiration. The 10 of Swords typically represents destruction, or an inability to act due to multiple reasons. Not a card of death, but a challenge to overcome. Much of the release reflects this general anxiety and forcefulness, with driving guitars and effected vocals. Space and psych abound.
    1. The introspective lyrics and vocals are an examination of addiction and recovery. The music is mostly acoustic in feeling, with pervasive melancholy throughout. The sliding string arrangements echo the instability of retaining sobriety. Folk is a strong descriptor, but the lush orchestration adds a crossover prog element to the overall sensation of the material. In his world, nothing is going right, but you are left with a sense of hopefulness.
      1. A second EP from this trio, who do not feature guitar in their instrumentation. Despite that, it is a very satisfying progressive rock outfit, which veers into pop territory at times. The layered vocals are the pivot from which the drummer and both keyboardists turn. There is some violin, viola, and cello, adding to the density of the production, which maintains a delicacy, even in the heaviest parts
        1. How’d you like a 20 minute epic single? I would, thank you. Roz Vitalis’ Ivan Rozmainsky has done just this, composing this avant chamber piece. (In his own words, “this album is about the Mystery of the Victory of Good over Evil.”) Instrumentation includes various keyboards and percussion, guitar, bass, clarinets, kalimba, vibes, and viola. The music is haunting and sometimes jarring, but always engaging.
          1. Lankum performs traditional music in a very dark, drony, heavy style. They utilize practically a pocket dictionary of typical European and American prog folk instruments and modern ones as well as male and female vocals. The music feels as though it is coming up through the centuries and reinventing itself for our modern dark ages. Fave track is Lord Abore & Mary Flynn (unselectable here).
            1. Hailing from Budapest, Deposed King is a duo who blends post-rock, psych, and jazz into an atmospheric progressive melting pot. There are also elements of electronica, classical, and even some heavy riffing. Rather than seeming disjointed, as it might become, with so many flavourful influences, it is a wonderfully cohesive and satisfying meal. This is their debut, and I’m already hungry for the next serving.