Artist Song Time Album Year
Quicksilver Night Quintus Interruptus 4:42 2023
Wooden Tape Geodesic Eric 3:15 Music From Another Place 2023
Lauren MacColl Haar 4:28 Haar 2023
Astorg The Wind Whistles Amongst The Ruins 4:26 …and yet, The River Will Flow 2022
Perséide Les heures vives de l’errance 3:05 Les couleurs d’été 2023
Carl Weingarten Laughing At Paradise 6:03 The Simian River Collection 1980-2020 2023
Annelies Monseré Shells 4:23 Mares 2023
CLANN The Stolen Child 5:12 Seelie 2017
Agusa Ur askan 10:16 Prima Materia 2023
Seven Reizh Odisea 6:03 La Barque Ailée Et L’albatros …Quand S’envolent Les Mots… 2023
  1. This single is a collaboration between Chip Russell and The Unified One, built upon an idea that just wouldn’t give Chip any peace until it was brought forth into the world. It begins with driving percussion and gets right to an infectious electric guitar groove overlaid with the kind of lead guitar tone that I just love. Tasteful from start to finish.
    1. Contemplative music, obliquely inspired by old TV themes. This is primarily gentle music, organ swells and acoustic guitar, with a bit of a lysergic tinge. Hosts of shimmery, washy sounds, and teensy bits of percussion. I find myself hearing many of these in my mind’s ear while walking about the countryside.
      1. Mostly original with a traditional tune thrown in for good measure, Lauren MacColl plays fiddle and harmonium on these Celtic and Scottish flavoured airs. She’s ably supported by others on cello, piano, accordion, double bass, moog, acoustic guitars and harp. There is a strong scent of the seas and rugged coastlines in this music and it is just enchanting.
        1. Spanish guitarist V.N.M., who also plays black metal, was inspired by nature to create these beautiful layers of acoustic and electric guitars. Primarily drawing on classical, flamenco, and progressive, he presents a montage of soothing, introspective music, which perfectly evokes the environments he drew upon for these tracks.
          1. There is a deep vein of electric and acoustic psychedelia running through these Canadiens’ release. The production has a bit of a muted feel, which I would say is deliberate, to give it this hushed atmosphere, even in the more rocky pieces. One is left with their feeling of optimism and wonder in tracks like Kaléidoscope, but it is the stripped down Les heures vives de l’errance that haunts my mind’s ear.
            1. Spanning 40 years of recorded material, this California musician brings a stunning compendium of mostly instrumental compositions. Stylistically, he straddles ambient, fusion, and jazz with some Americana thrown in for good measure, as he utilizes Dobro and slide guitar, albeit in a left of center fashion. Makes a wonderful soundtrack for your day or night.
              1. With her experimental, drone-y, minimalist music, this Belgian multi-instrumentalist creates a dense tapestry, held together by dark and rich folk threads. Here she weaves sonic spells utilizing keyboards, accordion, harmonium, bass, melodica, and a drum computer. The result is mesmerizing, celestial, and lush. Her arrangement of “Sally Free and Easy,” is stunning, but I am choosing “Shells,” as favourite to represent the release here.
                1. This is very dreamy faerie electronica with hypnotic beats and a haunting female vocalist. In addition to the synthesizers, there is violin coursing through many of the pieces, adding to the general melancholy. This music not only feels cinematic, but is, as there is a connected media project on YT called “The Kin Fables,” utilizing these compositions. The story is one of reincarnation and the return of everything that has been lost.The music throughout is otherworldly, eerie, and addictive.
                  1. Psych/Space/Symph Prog from this phenomenal Swedish outfit. The usual instrumentation is here, albeit superbly played, along with an accomplished flautist. Organ and other keyboards round out the sound. The guitarist is deft and imaginative, bass and drums/percussion are solid perfection, and everyone plays in such a way that each member manages to shine in all the right places, without any overstepping. There are some vocals, satisfyingly spicing up all of the instrumental deliciousness.
                    1. This is just superb Celtic/World music, both acoustic and electric, with a Vietnamese twist in the many of the vocals, as well as some Middle Eastern nods. The instrumentation is practically a musical instrument dictionary, ranging from various harps, pipes, guitars, duduk, strings, brass, you name it. A plea to recognize that we are all one on this tiny planet. Absolutely transcendent, and one of my favourites of this year.