John Carpenter Halloween Theme 2:48 Halloween OST 1978
Black Sky Giant Planet terror 3:54 Planet Terror 2021
Al Kooper + Steven Stills Season of the Witch 11:00 Super Sessions 1968
The Cramps Human Fly 2:09 Off the Bone 1983
The Fall I’m a Mummy 2:35 Levitate 1997
Church of the Cosmic Skull The Devil Again 4:22 Science Fiction 2018
Monomyth Loch Ness 10:18 Monomyth 2013
Lankum Go Dig My Grave 8:34 False Lankum 2023
Bonfire Hill A Year on Bonfire Hill: October 11:56 A Year on Bonfire Hill: October 2023
Blue Oyster Cult The Siege And Investiture Of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle At Weisseria 6:40 Imaginos 1987
Edgar Winter Frankenstein 4:41 They Only Come Out At Night 1972
The Cure Burn 6:09 The Crow OST 1994
Siouxsie and the Banshees Halloween 3:22 Juju 1981
Divider Line / The Creeping Man The Spiritualist Will See You Now 2:00 PCT 03 – You Are Not Alone In The Kiln 2022
Pennycross Coven Inner Exploration 2:15 WF 75 – Between Shadows and Lore 2023
The Heartwood Institute Unburied Bane 4:32 Unburied Bane 2023
The Heartwood Institute The Past Consumes The Present 4:15 Unburied Bane 2023
The hologram People Theme From The Village Of The Snake God 2:46 Village Of The Snake God 2022
The hologram People Enter The Chamber 1:14 Village Of The Snake God 2022
Stellarays Zombee 2:55 Psych Against Cancer Vol 2 Part I 2020
Tetrao Urogallus Lupus 3:25 Gulo Gulo 2023
Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska Nature Of The Evil Within 12:11 INTERSTELLIC PSYCHEDELIC 2022