Start Artist Song Time Album Year
0:02:26 Mariusz Duda I Love To Chat With You 3:31 AFR AI D 2023
Gayle Ellet & The Electromags
0:06:28 Gayle Ellet & The Electromags Via Valencia (Featuring Alfonso Rodenas) 3:42 Friends 2023
Circle of Dominion
0:10:39 Circle of Dominion Velocity (album version) 4:04 Collection of Echoes 2023
Jim Griffin
0:15:13 Jim Griffin Autumn Leaves in Winter 4:49 Marginalia Suburbia 2023
Van Deurzin
0:20:32 Van Deurzen Pillars of Faith ft Ffion Elisa 5:29 Pillars of Faith 2023
Analog Sunshine
0:26:47 Analog Sunshine As the Miles Pass 6:18 The Mountain 2023
0:33:31 Kalandra Bardaginn 5:23 Single 2023
Gabriel Keller
0:39:30 Gabriel Keller Melancholia Acoustic Live session 4:11 Trio 2023
Residuos Mentales
0:44:12 Residuos Mentales The Missing Part 5:28 A Temporary State of Bliss 2023
Katy J Pearson
0:50:30 Katy J Pearson Willows Song feat Broadside Hacks 4:27 The Wicker Man 2023
Roz Vitalis
0:55:43 Roz Vitalis Bait of Success 5:44 Quia Nesciunt Quid Faciunt 2023
  1. Riverside frontman and Lunatic Soul multi-instrumentalist returns with another dark ambient electronica release. Here he explores the fear and anxiety of our obsession with AI, and whether it is ultimately good or evil. I say, like any technology, it depends upon whose hands it’s in, and how it is used. Obviously keyboard heavy, Mateusz Owczarek lends his very human hands by providing both searing and delicate work on electric guitar.
    1. Djam Karet’s Gayle Ellett has assembled an array of friends to contribute to these very California-style instrumentals. His Topanga roots are showing throughout, this sounds just like he wanted it to, a gathering of friends, playing just for the fun of it. And fun it is, every track differs, yet they all stay firmly in their own lanes on the wide open musical highway. Drop on by the Topanga Corral after a day on the beach and enjoy he band.
      1. California band that harkens back to the psychedelic era, but adds art rock/pop sensibilities, as well as progressive influences. Comprised primarily of Clara Hembree and Craig Camp, they bring in friends here and there to assist them in creating their sound. In addition to ethereal lyrics, vocalized by Hembree, they dish out a couple of helpings of satirical observational songs, which achieves a nice balance.
        1. I have to start by saying that I just love this release. It is ambient, with field recordings; wistful, and nostalgic somehow. This is lysergic and psilocybic, brooding and eerie, charming and delicate. At times, you feel as if you are walking through quiet streets and lanes, with stray sounds coming from open windows and simultaneously, from both the natural and hushed outdoor human worlds about you.
          1. Award-winning contemporary classical composer, Ronald Van Deurzin, from The Netherlands, offers this lilting and memorable Celtic-tinged piece of music. The piece opens with bagpipes, followed by a flowing piano and soaring vocal duet, which leads into lush orchestration behind the two. Altogether enchanting. I hope to hear more from this collaboration.
            1. This release is the vision of a resident of the southern US. Melancholic psych and space with a Floydian slip that is more reminiscent than derivative. I just love the various guitar solos, they are simply superb. There is a delicious darkness to all of the tracks, especially evident in the chilling tale told in Down In New Orleans. I am choosing As the Miles Pass as being most representative of what you’ll hear here.
              1. Right up my Nordic alley comes this single from Kalandra (the title translates to “The Battle.”), and there is an accompanying video available on YT, as well. Here, they have used one of my favourite languages, Old Norse, and created a stunning and powerful piece of music. Lead singer Katrine and the band have made proper homage to Odin, I am sure he will be pleased, and I expect you will, as well.
                1. New outing from this French artist brings him (on guitars and vocals) together with female vocalists and a cellist, to rework some previously released progressive rock material in an acoustic setting. Sung in both English and French, the tunes are, to my ear, even more delightful when presented this way. I love the opening track, but going with Melancholia to represent more of what your your ears will be treated to as my favourite track
                1. Eagerly awaited release from Greece, this duo once again delivers the goods. Various keyboards, guitars, bass and flute don’t properly tell the tale of what you’ll be served with, with these four tracks. Not an EP, three of the tracks are epic length, The result is in the progressive vein, utilizing lush orchestration in cinematic style, for a satisfying 45+ minute journey. I am choosing The Missing Part to showcase what you’ll hear on this fine release.
                  1. Katy J. Pearson and friends collectively have created this EP of cover tunes from the cult classic film, The Wicker Man. The music is haunting (as it should be) and has a way of edging into your psyche long after it’s ceased to play. Resting firmly in the psych/wyrd/folk genre, the stunning remake of Willow’s Song is my favourite. All three versions are alluring, but going with the EP release with The Broadside Hacks
                    1. The combined effect that this band achieves is progressive, avant, and symphonic, with some elements of gothic and even folk tossed into the mix. It is certainly transcendent and complex, veering from forceful to ethereal, and is simply a joy to listen to. These incredibly imaginative compositions make it almost impossible to choose a favourite, but since I must, I’m going with the opener.